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    For the Flight Sim Junkies This is pretty cool. We sure have come a long way from the old Microprose days....
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    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island
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    The Minerve has been found.

    Some closure for all involved.
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    Charlie Whiting has passed.

    One of the good guys, on the eve of what could be a real burner of an F1 season, RIP Charlie.
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    Kieth Flint DTS
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    Mexico pipeline explosion

    Many dead. Footage is absolutely terrifying. Lots of Darwin material here, but my's fucking GASOLINE!....get the fuck away.... 
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    Falcon Heavy....just amazing.

    All I can say is WOW.  Some new looks, and a great shot of the unsuccessful center stage landing. Bravo Space X!
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    Transpac Delivery

    Anyone watching the tracker? YB has a separate "race" setup for the return. What's the deal with merlin's heading?...unless they know something amazing is going to happen, I can't see that being a workable heading to the mainland. But i'm a few years removed from doing this
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    Pretty much one of the scaiest books I ever read. The series with Tim Curry as Pennywise was also scary as hell. Movie looks to continue the trend.
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    Underwater cruise?

    Not sure if this has been posted, but 3 floors up and wow.
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    Trying to figure this out, help.

    How can some of you folks have many tens of thousands of posts on this site and still be constructive in your lives? I don't get it. It seems to be the same players going at it non stop on every thread. Maybe you don't do shit other than argue with others each and every day? Please enlighten me.
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    Way to go Chicago

    Really? Kidnapped and tortured a handicapped person, streamed live to Facebook? While yelling fuck whites/trump? Really? Fuck you Chicago.
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    Hurricane Otto...Paging Mark.....

    Thoughts? Latest named storm in the history of the Caribbean sea? First known hurricane to hit Costa Rica? (not 100% yet, but it looks possible) Then reform in the pacific? Interesting to say the least.
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    Olympic boat landing collapse

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    Comanche blasts the Atlantic

    Comanche new Transatlantic Monohull Record: 5D 14H 21M 25S Mari Chas previous record that stood for 13 years: 6D 17H 52M 39S 1D 3H 31M 14S faster Course length 2880 Average speed: 21.44 knots. One helluva ride I'd say, great job.
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    Coming to your town....the CDF

    Civilian Defense Force. Training lasts 6-12-18 months, vetted, stable adults from all walks of life, they all have CCW. What's the big deal? Find The Good Guys. Train The Good Guys. Arm The Good Guys. Shoot The Bad Guys. Just like the PD but without the pension. One good guy with...
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    Thank You Larry

    As many of us know and have lived and lost so much during this fucking war, I would like to thank Mr.Ellison. This is going to help change the game. Fight On!
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    Best VW van on the market

    YCMTSU. Read and enjoy.
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    It doesn't get any better than THIS.....

    The PD should have hired the gator.....