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    Random PicThread

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    Water heater BS

    This is the second Excell hot water heater I have owned from hvaclifehack. The first one finally died after 8 years only because I twisted the water entry port too much and damaged it myself. I use this for my mobil dog grooming business. When I took the old one apart, it was full of debris and...
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    Team Malaga

    What do they exactly do? My boyfriend is going through some problems which he doesn't share with me exactly. And I was reading some of these reviews. Which one do you recommend?
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    Galley equipment

    Thanks for sharing this @slug zitski.  I need to ask a genuine question. And I am sure this will stir up some flaming like all the other weird questions we have seen lately. But Here it goes. My husband and I are cruising with my in-laws next month on the Conquest. My mother in law wants to...
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    i found a telephone capable to withstand sailors...:

    I'm waiting to buy a 3w also by Aliexpress. I was hoping for someone that once they have the new 3W and 3WT they will test if the tools available for Armor 3 and 3T will be the same for Armor 3W and 3WT. I'm searching to see bootloader, twrp and root unlock issue , reading different updated...
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    3D Printers/Printing

    I have been using Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer for 2 years. Before purchasing I watched a few videos on YouTube of other users comparing this to the ender 3 V2 and this in some users stated it did same or better quality. As it’s like a clone of the ender 3 v2 it s a amazing hobbyists printer...
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    Sailnumber Ink/paint/Dye

    Sorry for the off-topic @LionessRacing. Your wife makes stencils with her Cricut and then air brushes them on? I NEED TO FIND a PERSON like her...PLEASE!!!!! I would absolutely love to know how to do this! I’m working on making my first homemade PCB just for the fun of saying I did it myself and...
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    Sailing question

    I have done a lot of what you are interested in, I have cruised the Caribbean, starting from the UK and sailed in a range of boats from 2m to 60m. I do hold a certificate, the British Yachtmaster Ocean but that was more for my own satisfaction. As far as certificates go, it really depends where...
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    Land Value Tax

    Most countries have much higher property taxes than the UK - including the USA. If we introduced a land tax it would look like a "reversion to normal" to the Americans. One of the major reasons foreign millionaires are so keen to buy here is that they only pay a couple of thousand in tax a year...
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    Meme Anarchy

    HAHAHAHAHAH:) I like this one :D
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    The Sea Snark thread

    watered-down bleach and detergent are good options.  but if you need to loosen a stuck part don't use any oil-based products like dish wash soap etc... Don't use paint on any part of exposed foam ,otherwise this will dissolved
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    Meme Anarchy

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    Ping Pong

    You mean to say its a hard game for young ones?  I am new at this game and I am craze of ping pong.