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    Cruising Queensland? Watch out for the lizards.

    Anyone thinking of cruising through Queensland should probably take note that the crocodiles start at the tropics.  This old male was illegally shot this week in the Fitzroy river, 5.2m long and estimated at 60 years old. The removal of the big male from the area means smaller males competing...
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    Whitsunday's mooring

    The family gin palace is heading to the Whitsunday's for Easter, with the whole tribe onboard including 2 kids. The cat is not great at punching into waves, and the various wives on board find it quite unpleasant. To make the whole deal easier, we are looking at finding a mooring to base...
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    Where to buy mylar slot tape in Aus

    I need a new bit of mylar for my contender board case, but I don't seem to be able to find it on any of the usual chandlery websites. Am I searching under the wrong name, is there something newer and better to use, what is the deal? I just need 3m of 50mm tape. . . .
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    Hobie getaway and a long beach

    I'm kicking around the idea of getting a big, comfy otb cat in a year or two to take my wife and kids out for a blast or over to the islands. Big problem is that my beach is 200m from safe storage and to water at low tide. How do you go dragging a 300kg cat up a few hundred metres of beach? Do I...
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    An exciting new Reid Stowe book is being written!

    A self described licences captain is writing a new book about the glorious cheese scow, and has released the first chapter online. I feel like there are some references to sa in the text, you big mean racing sailors...
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    Kelsall Tonga 25

    Has anyone heard of a kelsall Tonga 25? There is a deceased estate for sale at my local marina, never actually sailed AFAIK. I have no intention of buying it personally, but might reccomend a few friends look at it if the design is reasonable...
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    Re Sheathing an old wooden rudder

    I have an old contender with wooden foils, and noticed a bit of delamination at the head of the rudder after a sail the other week. I picked at it a little to see how bad it was, and managed to pull the glass sheathing off the board in one piece. The board looks like mostly red cedar, with a few...
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    Contender dingy rudder

    I have recently acquired a cheap old contender, and the rudder is a bit shit. The alloy box has some corrosion around fasteners, the blade has some glass de-laminating, and it looks like a bit of rot around the pivot. I could repair all this, but would rather spend the time building a new...
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    How to Sail a contender videos - anyone got a working link?

    I will be picking up a contender in the next few days - the best that $500 can buy. I have never sailed a contender, or even seen one sailed well, and there are no others within 300km for me to learn from. A quick google leads me to the International Contender website, with a whole lot of...
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    What is it? 9m 'sportsboat'

    Came across this while browsing gumtree the other day, anyone got a clue what it is? My bet is that someone saw an ultimate 30 and decided they could do a better job for much less money.
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    Motorsailer for Queensland

    Evening All, My Father in law is looking a new boat, something slow and simple to keep him out of trouble during retirement. It also has to be very admiral friendly for a wife who is pretty disinterested in boating in general. His list of wants are full headroom, easy to singlehand for a...
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    Carbon Masts

    Where are the Aussie sporties getting their carbon rigs from these days? Is there a preferred supplier or contact worth speaking with? Looking for something around 9.5m, MH kite, to suit a heavy boat.
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    40'ish Cruising Cats

    The old man has decided to sell the IRC leadmine and move across to the darkside, and we are finding a bit of a learning curve with respect to boat buying. There seems to be a real shortage of information on many of the cruising cats built in Australia, hopefully some on here can help out. We...
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    NQ SMS titles and QLD TS states 29/9 - 30/9

    CCYC in Yeppoon is hosting the NQ SMS titles, along with the Trailer bucket state championships at the end of September. Previously the regatta has been on the QB long weekend in June, which is usually light and cold. The new dates mean warmer water, less chances of glassout, and hopefully a...
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    3DL storage in the tropics

    The 40'er I race on has a full set of 3DLs that are delaminating with great speed, regardless of use. I have seen a few comments about heat and humidity fucking the sails, and wondered if a) this is true, and B ) if it is the humidity, would a dehumidified storage box make them last longer?