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    Ultimate flats fishing boat? you decide

    Absolutely, I doubt I'll be letting it go more than an arm's length away from me. Where we go is typically an on shore breeze. But definitely a good thing to think about.
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    Ultimate flats fishing boat? you decide

    Just bought one of those for my daughter. You have just raised my expectations!
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    Teaching sailing to blind or vision-impaired students. Who's done it?? Tips? Bronte Harbour Yacht Club in Ontario has had a program for years. I'm sure someone there would be willing to share some advice.
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    Ceramic coating

    I thought so too. But i'm often wrong.
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    Snap Shackles popping open?

    If snap shackles are a must. Electrical tape will be your friend. Just remember to leave a tail so you can un tape it quick.
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    FARR 727 INFO

    From my archives. Hopefully Ozzy can get you some better pictures.
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    FARR 727 INFO

     I believe two of them were done in Port Stanley. Not sure if there are others.
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    Laser Class Rules. Control lines

    This is how my vang used to be rigged back in the day.  Scroll to the bottom of the link for instructions
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    what is it?

    Agreed someone tried to turn a star into a cruiser.
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    Star racing on TV is compelling to watch

    Looks like you can rock the boat once per wave.
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    weight aloft

    Weren't guy drilling holes in toothbrushes a while back.
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    Does anyone know who owns this boat?

    Does anyone know who owns the DRUID MIST? A CS36 in ontario.
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    Star Sailing

    If your on lake Ontario John Finch or Larry Scott are the people to talk to.
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    DIY Build - 13.5' Skiff

    Have you looked at the interlux paints? I know you can get a can of perfection for about $60 in hamliton. It will do about 100sq ft. It sound cheaper then the awlgrip and will probably give you a simular finish. It cna be sprayed or rolled on as well.
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    DIY Build - 13.5' Skiff

    I hit a squal in the fall that pushed me and my star into a break water. I ended up removing some of the foam core and then spending the winter making it fair. Finally managed to repaint the boat last weekend.
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    DIY Build - 13.5' Skiff

    I was applying west system epoxy outside most of the winter in temperatures as low as -15c The trick is to keep the epoxy warm in a truck or in a box with a small heater or high wattage light bulb. Once applied, I would point a heated fan at the area being repaired for about half an hour or use...
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    A queston about electric power

    Does the converter feel heavy or light? If it's heavy that mean there is a transformer in it and thats a good thing. It's light it means and the conversions are done electronically and chances are it produces a modified sine wave. which isn't a sine wave at all but a square wave. The later is...
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    DIY Build - 13.5' Skiff

    Looks like an awesome Build. Whats the estimated cost of the project? As for paint you can always change that at a later date. I would go with a solid colour to start.
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    If your looking for a star mast I would just show up in miami for the bacardi cup and wait for someone to break one.