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    Moving to Hong Kong

    Set to move to Hong Kong from UK. Have been sailing an SB3 for last 4 years, before that bigger IRC boats around cans and offshore. Wondering what the options are and thinking of possibly moving to dinghies for a while - what is available?
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    3 down in TJV Trimarans

    Foncia and Orange Project capsize, Sodebo dismasted: From BBC News: Coastguards in England and France are co-ordinating the rescue of three yachts in severe storms. Two trimarans capsized about 280 miles south west of the Isles of Scilly. A third lost its mast about 170 miles off the islands...
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    How long will it take

    How long will it take for Hellomoto to catch and overtake Ocean Planet - as everyone outside the US can see, if the design of the European open 60s is right, OP must be wrong......, particularly for downwind in the Southern Ocean The gap is currently just under 1,000 miles, and reckon on 2...