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  1. btbotfa

    YRALIS PHRF Weight limits -Point-Counterpoint

    So in the interest of dispelling these notions that yacht racing on Long Island Sound is being administered by a bunch of deaf alcoholic blowhards hiding behind thick oak doors on the fourth floor of NYYC, would like to propose a little Point-Counterpoint article to be published in the YRALIS...
  2. btbotfa

    City Island Distance Race

    Through some less than stellar planning (good portion of the distance racers on LIS are off to Bermuda and other locals are up at Block Island) and having bounced the date around the past couple years, the City Island Yacht Club only has three boats signed up for their 78th Annual distance race...
  3. btbotfa

    YRA of LIS Championships

    Who's going? Too hot and no wind first weekend in August? Is it turning into more of a one-design event?
  4. btbotfa

    Riverside Stratford Shoal race tmw

    All the young ones are up at Block or going to weddings or bachelor parties-anyone want to play tomorrow on Shooting Star?
  5. btbotfa

    Around Block Island

    Too many guys on the DL, job, family etc. this year-got a couple spots open for this Friday's race, Shooting Star, sailing out of New Rochelle, send me a pm if interested.
  6. btbotfa

    Around Block Island

    From the crew list on the yachtscoring site.......healthy competition! Spirit Of Hillary (Benghazi 42 CSTM) Clean, Mr Strategist Group 3 Clinton, Hillary Degeneres, Ellen Grinder...
  7. btbotfa

    Super Bowl

  8. btbotfa

    Is it a race if there's only one boat......

    Little help-doing some cumulative scores for Long Island Sound season and there was a Stratford Shoal race run by a pretty high-powered club that had a division with only one boat in it-not a division with multiple boats and there were DNC's or DNF's-this was a division with one boat signed up...
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    Shooting Star has a last minute opening with guy getting shipped out to Germany-looks like an interesting race, pm me.
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    Shooting Star looking for some talent tmw-going to be a beautiful day on the water, PM me
  11. btbotfa

    Harry Crews DTS

    "Alcohol whipped me. Alcohol and I had many, many marvelous times together. We laughed, we talked, we danced at the party together; then one day I woke up and the band had gone home and I was lying in the broken glass with a shirt full of puke and I said, 'Hey, man, the ball game's up'."...
  12. btbotfa

    The Winnebago

    Crush Digital, 24 Racer,Invisible Shadow Anonymous JT,Bit pitch, Da Capo,Mike R, Left Hook and his various appendages, Blue Water Keel Wrecker Peghead, Minstrel 70, Will Walt Chris Kyle (don't know what the hell you lurkers use for names), and even got KMccabe out for a ride this...
  13. btbotfa

    Super Bowl

    Steelers-G Bay-stacking up to be a classic-great defenses for both teams run by two old guys who know their shit, Polamalu's Samoan crown against Matthews Viking locks, Ben against Aaron, almost Biblical names there, talented, tough, mobile quarterbacks-Steelers have the running game, and maybe...
  14. btbotfa

    NFL Playoffs round 2

    Pats, Pack, Ravens, Da Bears
  15. btbotfa

    JD Memorial

    Dear Friends, Many of you have asked what you can do to honor Julien, who left us suddenly and way too soon this fall. I had an idea in mind early on to create something that combined sailing and young people and have been working with Rocking the Boat, a wonderful nonprofit teaching young...
  16. btbotfa

    Yachtsman,woman of the year

    Nominees shortlisted for US SAILING's 2010 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award: Sunfish North American Champion Bill Brangiforte (Weymouth, Mass.); Melges 24 North American Champion Adam Burns (North Tonawanda, N.Y.); 505 North American Champion Augie Diaz (Miami, Fla.); Luderitz Speed Record...
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    As good as Ravens - Steelers last night?
  18. btbotfa

    City Island Distance Race

    Could use another pair of hands with brain attached for tomorrow's Stratford Shoal race-looks like a lovely day on the water, pm me.
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    Some big dogs playing this year, Rambler, Zaraffa...who's in?
  20. btbotfa

    happy merry etc.