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    Why isn't melges making scows?

    Melges just announced last year that it had made a new escow mold yet they haven't made an escow in a year. I've heard that they're moving production over seas so is that why they're not making boats? I know people who have boats in order and they've been told they won't get a boat till 2023-24...
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    Don't give unexperienced kids expensive boats

    crazy one from week night racing. They were all under the age of 18 and kicked the experienced person off.
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    e scow jib height

    my skipper just got a new(to us) boat and we're coming from an older boat which has an adjustable forestay. with the old boat the job cunningham came up from the deck and attached to the tack. the new boat only tensions the halyard and the tack just ties to fitting on the deck. does and one know...
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    Shaping Butterfly Blades

    Hey! I've had a butterfly that Ive been sailing for a while. I don't race it so changing things on it doesn't really matter. The butterfly is always known to sideslip and  I wondered if re shaping the boards would do anything? The dagger board has some shape and the rudder has none. And if...
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    RS sailing copying boats

    Has anyone noticed the a lot of the boats made by RS are very similar to other boats? the areo is like a laser, a rs 100 is like a musto skiff, rs 400 is like an international 14, etc... It seems like they boats are very similar to older classes.
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    5O5 to complicated?

    My uncle was in town a couple weeks ago and he sails 5O5s in Seattle. As a scow sailor him explaining the kite system baffled me. the whole two poles that launch themselves and 2 guys and 2 sheets seemed like you couldn't stand in the boat without getting tangled. I sail on an E scow and that's...