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    where we're at

    All our government's and sporting bodies are harping on about increasing female inclusion and participation in our sport. Which is good. Thanks Ed for bringing this issue to light.  It will be a real test to see just how serious the relevant colleges and sailing bodies are in this endeavour. I...
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    Bull 7000 - Help

    Hi Mambo, just may be one day we will catch up again to have that drink.  Hope you enjoyed your drive around the southwest. The north of the state is just as spectacular, just a lot further between sites.  I use to work up north and would drive 18 hours straight to get to Perth. Its a big place...
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    Bull 7000 - Help

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    Bull 7000 - Help

    Ha Ha, Its a small world. I was the short little fat man going bald that you spoke to in the lower car park at Princess Royal Sailing Club in Albany. And yes they breed them tough down here, you should see our Opti juniors go. In T shirt and shorts.  Nest stop is Antarctica. cheers Geoff
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    Bull 7000 - Help

    Hi Mambo, you are correct, the first picture was at the "Rumble in the Reach", a sports boat invitational event at East Fremantle yacht club in Janyary. This year they had 21 sports boats racing in about an 800m course using a handicap start.  Gets quite busy, and is a fantastic event. The other...
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    Bull 7000 - Help

    Some pics of Excitabull in Western Australia
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    Bull7000 what's it worth, are there many in oz?

    Hi there are about 4 or 5 left in Aus. 1 in WA 2 in Vic and 2 in NSW. Not sure of the exact locations except Excitabull in WA. The blue one pictured above appears to be the 7m version similar to Krazy bull in NZ. All the Ausi ones were built by Mal Hart in Vic, and were 7.5m long with slightly...
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    Wet Wednesday Crash T Bone Video

    I watch in disbelief, very very casual race, looks like both boats should not be anywhere a race course. Take up building expensive sandcastles and watch the lovely sailboats from the beach. Theres dangerous and stupid and these guys take both prises and wreck the sport for the rest of us.
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    Perth Sports Boats Regatta

    There is also Ayers rocket doen in Busselton that is for sale. Re boatsonline website. The Young 7.8 really is the first sportsboat. Fist one that cracked 30 knots that I,ve sailed on anyway. Hope the Busselton Boys come up for the regatta, will be Awesome
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    Perth Sports Boats Regatta

    Pocket money is on the hard stand at SPYC, Out of Pocket is on a moring at East Freo, The old KAKA MARA (rock lobster) now painted red/ yellow and was on the hard stand at Freo Yacht Club. Greybeard was sold 15 years ago and dissapeared. I dont know of any more that came to WA
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    Perth Sports Boats Regatta

    Excitabull will be there. Work has been getting in the way of living lately. Looking forward to slowing down or dropping dead.
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    Track Binding

    Dachopper, had the same problem Over time the plastic ends on the inside get spread/ flattened and don't circulate the balls. The balls arent the problem. I found that out the expensive way. Unless anyone has a new spare car they dont need any more the problem may eventually mean a replacement...
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    Show us your ride

    Now Now GS A nostalgic view carnt hurt every now and then, Below is an exerpt from the class website. I had to read it for myself. "One of the very first boats I reviewed was the Santana 20, designed by Shad Turner. Apparently it was a good review because Schock Corp. managed to sell 900 of...
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    Show us your ride

    Go the Bull
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    Best sportboat for the given application

    The Bull is still one of he prettiest of the sportsboats around. Family friendly and designed specifically for the purpose required.
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    Bull 7000 moulds

    Someone who has split a rudder blade, and whould like a new one. Particularly as there is no one who can build a decent blade under a million bucks and in under 6 months. Thats Who!
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    Sportsboat Measurement System

    Its interesting to see the above discussions. Most of the yacht clubs require marina compliance certificates which include basic safety gear including Life jackets fire extinguishers and the like. Your not allowed to use the facility unless compliant. If a regatta is held at a certain marina...
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    Best Sports-boat to Windward

    R8 When it gets blowy and rough your boat comes into it own. Besides your boat will be around alot longer and will at least stay together Cheers
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    Sportboat caravans - interiors

    The Bull 7000 setup, inc one pic showing they can still move Cheers
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    Sportboat caravans - interiors

    Interesting comments. Given that there are only 33 boats registered on the SMS sheet at the moment. One would have thought that more of the faster boats the better no matter what the makeup. A look at the handicaps reveals some interesting comparisons. The Melges .841 the fastest growing...