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    Plug in hybrid questions

    I am looking at a plug in hybrid option on a new vehicle I may want to buy. We once owned a hybrid Lincoln and loved it, but this plug in has me perplexed. Do I have to plug it in every day to charge the battery? Does it not use regenerative braking and a high amp alternator like my Lincoln...
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    New gel coat maintenance

    I bought a new boat last year during the pandemic and supply chain shut down. The reason I am pointing that out is I think the gel coat is way too soft, it scratches very easy and I can see where the color, it’s blue, looks thin is some areas, specifically in some of the radius and on top of the...
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    Help a technologically challenged person out please

    I have tried to like some post on here but it seems when you push the Anarchy symbol below a post it gives a down vote.  So how in the hell does one give an up vote I for a post? BTW I did a search on upvoting and liking posts and there was irrelevant results.  TIA