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  1. luminary

    On a bit of a tear

  2. luminary

    Randy Bachman calling Bob Perry. pui

    I was listening to CBC2's Vinyl Tap this evening with Randy Bachman who read a letter from a Bob Perry from Washington. Could that be our Bob Perry?? Regardless, I have sired two young men, am aware of Bob's heartache - have some of my own, and find solace in music. CBC2 goes a long way to keep...
  3. luminary

    Microsoft called me to say I had a virus

    Just had a call from someone saying they were Microsoft support and that my PC was infected and "about to stop". Curiously, I had at the same time been corresponding with MS support, someone with an Indian name, about viruses, and the guy on the phone had coincidentally, an Indian accent. So I...
  4. luminary

    Glass over shaped foam

    Hi all, I'd like some advice on building a temporary float/bouy. My plan is to build the structure then surround with foam, shape then cover with glass and resin. This is not expected to be long lived or pretty. Just need it to be relatively easy to build and effective. I was planning to use...
  5. luminary

    40mile course?

    The AC in the recent past has primarily been about 'short' course bouy racing. Yet in the 33rd we saw 20mile legs as dictated by the DOG - why not have some of these in the 34th? It will add a dimension to the design that I believe would round out the boats a little and also provide a greater...
  6. luminary

    Writing on the Wall

    Well that was a pretty impressive domination of A5 by USA17. Given this, the only way A5 is going to keep the Cup is if there is a major gear failure on USA17 - unlikely. So, looking forward - what has Larry said he would do if he wins. I want to see how well he keeps his word now that he is...
  7. luminary

    Who is coming back

    I think my estimation of the player will go up a notch if they lose and have the gumption to come back as a challenger in the next round. Do you think either is Lipton enough to do it?
  8. luminary

    Court Date set for CIC
  9. luminary

    9 left

    just saying
  10. luminary

    100 days till Feb 8, 2010

    thats not a lot of time
  11. luminary

    100 days till Feb 8, 2010

    thats not a lot of time
  12. luminary

    Reschedule? I think somebody is not on the right page.. edit: opps I guess thats me.
  13. luminary

    Time Limit

    If the location is so bereft of wind that neither boat can get around the course in the deed legal time - what happens?
  14. luminary

    What are Earnies options

    So the Judge has heard the arguments and is now determining if the 2007 rules are to be used and whether these allow for the use of engines and balast. What say she comes back and says, 2007 are the rules, no engine. What options does EB have? It seems to me that there is very liitle scope for...
  15. luminary

    Crew positions on A5

    Easy to see where the work is being done on DZ, but I'm not sure where or how many we'll see on CZ. Anyone got ideas on where the crew are designed into CZ?
  16. luminary

    Drones or Queens

    I'm curious about the kind of work that provides sufficient income to support a sailing habit. I've a pair of graduate degrees and typically consult. I personally funded the last recession (2001) and am getting kicked in the teeth again by the current economy. Yet I know trades and semi-skilled...
  17. luminary

    Play it again Sam...

    I've been thinking that each time we go through the courts, that we are back on track, only to have it derailed again. I'm gun shy. I reckon we'll be back here in August for sure, maybe before. What to you think?
  18. luminary

    Carbon parts - how to?

    Hi, I am an amateur boat builder (plywood and 2x1 stage) and would like some advice/pointers on how to create simple -> complex carbon parts. To start with I am thinking it would be good to help my son make a deck for his skateboard so that I can experiment with techniques. I will then use...
  19. luminary

    Time to start sailing?

    Clearly, it wont be July and given that we dont expect a ruling on the date till August (at the earliest), and that at least one of the teams is going to have to transport themselves around the globe to somewhere, the time available to do any actual sailing in their respective DOG beasts is...
  20. luminary

    34th cup?

    looking into the future a bit, if/when the cup is raced in Oct, it is highly likely that there will be continuing legal squables that may go on for some time. Let's make the assumption that whoever wins offers a reasonable protocol, accepts a valid challenge and a normal cup cycle is possible...