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  1. mtstpipier

    CS4500 to H3000

    I know a few people here have this setup and I read the other post on it. I just got a CS4500 ultrasonic and am swapping out the Airmar ST850. I ran the first four wires the same way as the ST850 but aren't seeing anything register yet. I have Red and White together, then Black, Green, Brown...
  2. mtstpipier

    Shorthanded class at ONE Regatta (PHRF New Englands)

    There was some discussion of this last year, and this year shorthanders are getting a line at the New Englands. Format has yet to be finalized, but at a minimum it's using the cruising class course around government marks (non-windward/leeward). There is an opening to add an offshore component...
  3. mtstpipier

    Water ballast in PHRF-NE

    It seems most west coast PHRFs rate the boats assuming they are able to take advantage of it. And many NORs provide a change to rule 51 to allow for this. PHRF-NB asks for the info on rate of transfer, so I assume they rate boats accordingly. PHRF-NE does not ask for it, and I rarely see an...
  4. mtstpipier

    Class 40 Thread

    With Class 40s dominating the real or imagined front page, maybe it's time for their own thread. It's been a great year to follow some of the action, including the Atlantic Cup, Fastnet, TJV and GOR. Really have to love these cool boats that may not be out of reach for us mere mortals. And...