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    Hurricane Season 2022

    I am familiar with that house but was not involved with its construction. It’s not the most appealing looking beach home but it seemed to have served it’s one purpose. At the time of Hurricane Michael, we owned 4 houses in the area. Of the four the two that suffered the least amount of wind...
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    Seawind/Corsair Marine "accidentally" destroyed their C37 molds

    Well I’m hoping and praying you get your deposit back. I‘m sure your disappointed as I would be. Seeing as you were dealing with a foreign company this may be difficult to unwind, so get ready to battle for your money. If they keep your deposit, this may hurt them in the long run as folks will...
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    LYRA & 8 meter North Americans at Sodus Bay

    I grew up sailing out of that club and my folks are still active member. I remember Frank the bartender and his lovely wife. I also remember Vitesse. Back then my folks had an Ericson 30 they berthed at Sills marine. Stewie Sills was a badass at everything he touched or so it seemed to an...
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    Motorcycle Threads

    I often ride to my sailboat. 😎
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    Motorcycle Threads

    Was in the Black Hills last week and rented an Indian Pursuit. The weather was hot but as long as we kept moving everything was ok. The pooch always loves to go with us. Im digging the new Indian Pursuit and cant wait for mine to be delivered!
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    Weta anarchy

    I accidentally pulled the line out of the tramp derigging the boat one time so I used the stainless shroud wire to fish the line back through.
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    Weta anarchy

    Don’t make the same mistake I did and over tighten the tramps. It makes inserting the aka’s arms into the hull very difficult.
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    Plug in hybrid questions

    We had a hybrid before so I am experienced with their performance. I would amuse myself by hypermiling on trips. Much to my dismay though, my wife stopped me from turning the a/c off. 😎
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    Enclosed/cargo trailer advice

    I have owned and towed both for countless miles. Obviously the dual axel will hold more weight and tow better down the road. The weight advantage of the single axel was negligible to me, and it was nice to have the electric brakes on the dual axel. Btw I also towed my single axel with a 2020...
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    Plug in hybrid questions

    Thanks for the detailed reply. I would like the flexibility of not having to plug in every night, especially if I am traveling long distances, but still get the fuel savings benefits of an ev. Thanks. I will do my homework before ordering but it looks like the difference between my old hybrid...
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    Plug in hybrid questions

    I am looking at a plug in hybrid option on a new vehicle I may want to buy. We once owned a hybrid Lincoln and loved it, but this plug in has me perplexed. Do I have to plug it in every day to charge the battery? Does it not use regenerative braking and a high amp alternator like my Lincoln...
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    List your favorite trailerable & misc 'cult favorite' boats under ~$10k, with resale/quick sale in mind

    Hard to beat the J22 and J24 for the cult following. My club has a big U20 fleet. They look like really fun boats but good luck finding one.
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    New gel coat maintenance

    It seems I’m in a pickle here, obviously painting a one design race boat is out of the question for now, but I am concerned with what this boat will look like in a few years and it’s resale value. I like the boat otherwise, but when asked by folks what I think of the boat I have mentioned this...
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    What was the first boat you owned?

    My Force5 is still missed to this day. It was a really fun boat for me but alas a career and kids took precedence.
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    Flying This Summer - PSA

    The indignity of flight. I coin that phrase years ago after some crappy trips I took.
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    Here’s a trick, take a pencil and scribble it all over the area you are working on, wet sand starting at 600 grit until the scribble marks disappear. Do this again with 1000 grit, then 1500 grit, buff and wax. I have done this on a couple of old boats over the year and they came out looking new.
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    New gel coat maintenance

    I bought a new boat last year during the pandemic and supply chain shut down. The reason I am pointing that out is I think the gel coat is way too soft, it scratches very easy and I can see where the color, it’s blue, looks thin is some areas, specifically in some of the radius and on top of the...
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    It shouldn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, you should be thankful Gilliam isn’t the Governor of our fine state. What a criminal! We dodged a bullet.
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    Motorcycle Threads

    Well for his sake let’s hope he stays off the scooters from now on.
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    If your favorite thing to do is sitting in traffic all day….