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  1. joydot

    KW Div 4

    Checking In - did someone catch their sail numbers - were they on the bottom?: Slow Ed is glad he had extra pancakes for breakfast but is worried about that life line: If you had more than one pod in the water, you were slow at this start: Temptress started the week showing everyone who...
  2. joydot

    KW 2008 Div 4

    Over Earlys are easy: Not a lot of speed, I'll admit: Does RC see us over the line?: Even without wind, it was an over early day: This group held back: This group did not:
  3. joydot

    KW 2008 Div 4

    Horizon's crew exhausted as they win their second straight of the day: Yes, my bias is toward the S2's: Last race of the day started at 5:25; sunset 6:04:
  4. joydot

    KW 2008 Div 4 Photos

    Here are some highlights; email me if you want all of them for days 2-5. SA Predator: Winner Flight Simulator and the bow is Relentless: Fight Line with Bad Girl's tip leading: Bluto at the Finish(too bright, but still cool):
  5. joydot

    Joydot Invades England!

    In about 24 hours it should be finally and officially confirmed that a customer will actually pay to allow me to escape Heathrow and not just use it for transfering between planes. In other words, I have a business trip to Yeovil, Somerset coming up. I have never been outside of Heathrow...
  6. joydot

    When RC support goes bad

    Sometimes a Race Committee support boat just doesn't want to do one more mark movement or Charlie flag sequence. Here were the responses that also included one radio transmission suggesting that the signal boat move to line up better with the pin. Thank goodness they only had three 'letters'...
  7. joydot

    Day 3 - Screwpile 2007

    Winds about 7 at Cove point. Coming from the south. After the last two days, I don't think there will be a complaint. I have to go forward and put on our Quantum burgee. hee, hee, hee....
  8. joydot

    Day 2 - Screwpile 2007

    For those who are not here because they thought there would be no wind, boy, were you wrong. I told ya all there would be wind this year. Right now it is North 15 with gusts to 19. Slow Ed has declared Screwpile the best regatta he has ever attended. He thought people partied on the first...
  9. joydot

    Day 1 - Screwpile 2007

    Good Morning! Here I sit on the Jennifer Ann, signal boat for North course, starting to head out before harbor start. Winds on the bay are being reported as NE 10-12. North course has the A0, A1, All 72 ratings, and a class of 75/78's - a total of 34 boats. A last minute decision by the...
  10. joydot

    F* the Engagement Ring or Anniversary Present

    Since there has been much discussion lately of romance, weddings, and anniversaries, the topic went to rings versus boats with boats winning of course. So, what is a suitable engagement boat? Can't be a single person boat. What do you get her on the wedding day that will complement the...
  11. joydot

    Screwpile 2007

    I can't believe it's only 5 weeks til the start of Screwpile! The winds have been great so far and we have not had as many heater days, so let's hope it holds. As always, Screwpile Base Page is the place to go to register. The party is no longer on the blacktop! To quote the Screwpile...
  12. joydot

    Women's Clothing Review

    A previous thread talked about spray tops and I had mentioned I was getting some new bibs. So, here is a topic to start this one...What do you wear and what do you like about them? Okay, I got my GUL Coastal bibs last night and they are nice. But, I am returning them for a smaller size. The...
  13. joydot

    Gary Jobson visits the South

    Yes we all know what beverages means... A fun time should be had by all. We have over 50 members signed up and it is now open to the public. For us light fare means enough food for most small countries.
  14. joydot

    Alabama Bound

    In April, I have a business trip to Dothan/Ft. Ruckers. I admit that it looks like sailing is out of the question, right? Yes, I have checked web site about the community. So, yes I intend to get a picture of the 4' gold peanut in the town square. I haven't been to...
  15. joydot

    Meditations for Miserable People

    I am finished with my task for the week and am cleaning off the piles that had grown on my desk. I have rediscovered a book loaned to me during one of my less than positive movements. It is titled Meditations for Miserable People (Who want to stay that way) by Dan Goodman. The cover has the...
  16. joydot

    DIYC Fireball and Friends

    And yes, I will be sailing, not doing RC!! March 2-4th. Doing the drive starting on the 28th. Vitamin Sea, CindiE, No Patience, and I will be coming down from Southern Maryland with a FrontRunner and an Interlake. We are hoping another FrontRunner will join in. Vitamin Sea has been telling...
  17. joydot

    Ladies Christmas/Holiday Wednesday

    Okay, it's not Wednesday; tough. I know there are better photos out there. Find them!!
  18. joydot

    Rocket 22 for Christmas

    This was in my morning email: The Resin Infused Rocket 22 - Major Price Reduction for 2007 An additional 15% off the New 2007 Price on any order before December 31st, 2006 Vancouver, B.C., November 9th, 2006 - Rocket Boats is pleased to announce that thanks to some key production changes and...
  19. joydot

    Make It Longer, Please

    Scenario: Wind is 5, Course is L, Windward mark is dropped. Race sequence begins - boats off and running. Get Windward mark GPS location - not what was requested, mixed 3 with 5 or 9 with 6 - shorter by a mile a leg. During the first leg wind kicks up to 12, same direction. With the shorter...
  20. joydot

    Rounding Gone Bad Sequence

    I had the pleasure (?) to witness the pain of a dual bad rounding. The one shot was used for the Screwpile 2006 results page: Screwpile Results Here is the full sequence: (The names of any Anarchists on board shall be withheld unless they fess up themselves!)