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    Tom Cunliffe remembers Christmas afloat

    Merry Christmas, guys. Tom reminisces about past Christmases afloat
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    Shipmates to have if ya could....

    Tom Cunliffe shares his thought on welcome shipmates:
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    AC36 - The Match

    America's Cup 36 - ETNZ Vs LRPP. Bring it on. My prediction: 7 : 3 to ETNZ. 
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    Will COVID kill the Cup?

    Well, David the dinosaur thinks it should, according to his Front Page ramblings: To quote: ‘Oh yes, but you can’t stop progress’ (I hear you say). Of course not, but it can be regulated and controlled. Consider the Etchells...
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    2020 SOLO Maitre CoQ - Figaro3 OD

    Looking forward to the Figaro3 solo racing later this week, in Les Sables-d'Olonne, Vendée. Some high profile French skippers are racing, including: Armel Le Cléac'h and Yann Elise. There are also several Brits, including Phil Sharp, Sam Goodchild. Programme starts on Wednesday 24. There are...
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    That's not sailing...

    An interesting discussion has come up (as thread drift) on the AC forum. Nothing unusual in that, right? ;-) The discussion centred around the use of developing servo technology and of course, using other than human power to drive this technology. I came across an interesting article on the...
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    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    I've been thinking about this since 2015, or so. Let's just say you have a spare million, or whatever you think you need: So, at night, when you crawl into the sack, in that period between relaxation and sleep, what would your ideal custom cruiser be? Ketch-rigged Cruiser - A Fast Reaching...
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    Vendée – Arctique – Les Sables d’Olonne race.

    Looking forward to this IMOCA60 race in a few weeks. Excellent summary by, ED on the front page to kick this thing off. Shame Hugo Boss and Corum are non-starters. Any predictions?
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    RORC Time Over Distance - Volume 1 and 2

    Great video footage from RORC interviews volume 1 and 2. Lots of great sailing footage, with interesting interviews and commentary. Well worth a look: Brian Thompson  (Includes BP, Jules Verne Challenge and MOD 70 footage
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    49er Training (in your garden)

    49er Training in your garden. When you're on a mission, nothing will stop you...
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    The Transat CIC 2020

    The Trans-North Atlantic crossing gets underway in a little over 3 months, with The Transat CIC 2020 starting early May. Bugger all time for some of the IMOCA 60's (especially Hugo Boss and the just launched, L'Occatane to get it all sorted before the start). Then in June, it's back across the...
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    Tour de Bretagne voile.

    The Bretagne Tour is on again for Figaro 3, double-handers. Looking forward to seeing how Conrad Colman goes with his, Ethical Power. He teamed up with his sponsor, Tom Kneen for the practice race (Prologue) with a pretty average result sadly. Knowing Conrad, he'll put that down to 'a learning...
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    Sparkle - Front Page

    Wow. What a story on the front page. And what a fine boat and a marvellous restoration. Congratulations to the owners. Sparkle reminds me of Bob Perry's contemporary, Francis Lee.
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    everybody’s doing it! from FP

    Ha, ha. Looks like Mr Clean is a bit behind the times, again. Seems he thinks foiling started in sail boats.
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    Extreme 40's no longer of interest?

    Who'd have thought there'd be no thread covering the Extreme 40's in Act 4, St Petersburg, on SA's MA? No interest in multis that don't fly, obviously? RC had better get those AC45's up on blades pronto, me thinks.
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    Stadia Yacht Racing - silly and sillier

    Seemingly as we’re all looking for an audience these days, yachting should be no exception. Stadia yacht racing has become the new reality TV show in town, if the Extreme Racing Series - Singapore is anything to go by. Racing 40’ multi-hulls in the town basin is just plain silly IMO. The added...
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    Searching times for TNZ

    In a candid interview on why Team New Zealand blew an 8-1 lead - and eventually lost the Cup regatta 8-9 to Oracle Team USA - Barker told TV3's Paul Henry: "There's a lot of things we'd do differently". Go here:
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    So what's Jimmy NOT telling us?

    Right off, let me say that Spithill is a poor lier - and that's a good thing. But what's he NOT telling us? Every time he involuntarily shuffles his butt and rubs his left eye (yes, I'm talking body language) I get the feeling he's talking it up. And in the pressers, it's ALWAYS when he's...
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    Who says Barker can't start?

    JS was handed his arse on a plate twice today. Where are all you fuckers who reckon DB can't start?
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    RC vs NZ AC Round 3