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  1. Ron Swanson

    Sailing The Arctic in a Beach Cat

    The striving human spirit is an amazing thing. I've had the good fortune to have spent some time with Igor. He knows ice and cold having been to Antartica dozens of times. Godspeed gentlemen!
  2. Ron Swanson

    Lead Acid vs. Lithium- New Build

    In my liFePO4 setup, I put the house battery in an area where I then realized I'd never be able to get it out if there was a heat problem. I thought about moving it near the companionway, thinking I could chuck the 80-lb box overboard to save the vessel. The advice I got from a thoughtful...
  3. Ron Swanson

    Lead Acid vs. Lithium- New Build

    You need to state the mission of the vessel: speed vs. cruise comfort, and ocean crossing vs coastal. Advantages of lithium are weight (for speed) and charge acceptance efficiency (less energy to charge for better self-sufficiency). Lithium is more expensive and more complex while lead is...
  4. Ron Swanson

    Drawdown of Cruising Inventory: The End is Nigh.

    Great rant by the OP. It all rings true. Here are some thoughts about the market and the future: Starlink (work from anywhere) will mean the cruising boat shortage will persist and get much worse. General economic conditions will deteriorate (liquidity draining everywhere) over the next few...
  5. Ron Swanson

    Ray autopilots

    This pilot does not have a rate gyro in the compass. That means it won't respond as it should when the boat heels or yaws. This is why it struggles when you are powered up. Downwind in a gust it won't respond quickly enough to keep you from broaching while you are below attending to other...
  6. Ron Swanson

    Category A / Area 2A hatch selection

    I was told by an experienced shipwright that the Lewmar Ocean is the only choice.
  7. Ron Swanson

    NY to SFO the hard way

    He replaced the seals and membrane, and said it was working as of yesterday. I'm guessing he had a bad membrane - my 40E has the same problem.
  8. Ron Swanson

    NY to SFO the hard way

    He has a Rocna, I don't know the size or how much chain he has. 
  9. Ron Swanson

    Bobstay and Anchoring

    I used a 100mm harken block with the strop. Snatch block would be easier for sure, but I didn't have one large enough. It's a bit of a hack, and I wouldn't trust it long term or in heavy weather, but for an easy night or two no problem. I led the tail back to the mast, then a cockpit winch.
  10. Ron Swanson

    Yup. If you ever despair of humanity, head down there. The Chileans there take care of each other as well as visitors & strangers.  And to bring this thread back on track (a little), here is the real southern-most regatta: 
  11. Ron Swanson

    ^^^THIS! Cedena rocks. Amazing non-profit program. I watched kids out in Lasers out when it was gusting 35 down there. Teaching kids resilience.  Respect. Oh yeah, then there's the Regatta out to Cape Horn.
  12. Ron Swanson

    Depth finder for 27-foot sailboat

    The Garmin you linked to sucks down a full amp according to the Owners Manual. That would make it a no-go for me.  This one is 0.2 amps: Or maybe just a lead...
  13. Ron Swanson

    Eight bells - Lee Chesneau

    Sorry to hear this. He had an impact on my knowledge of low pressure systems for sure. If you are heading offshore in mid or higher latitudes, read his damned book! Twice!
  14. Ron Swanson

    Another SC 50 for sale in Washington

    Evans, to pile on here...I don't think you know how many fans there are out here for you and Beth. You easily have enough material for a book for the rest of us mortals to learn much from and enjoy your writing, and the experience of actually getting something published. I wouldn't worry if...
  15. Ron Swanson

    Best $25,000 Bang for your Buck

    SnatchBlock, aren't there a bunch of Tartan Ten's in your area? 
  16. Ron Swanson

    Complete race boat instrument system

    After 20,000 miles I've been happy with my NKE system. Reliable. I've gotten decent results (AP especially) without spending much time on calibrations. A fairly basic setup will meet your needs. On calibrating, there are so many issues but to name a few: Runners rotate the rig Mainsail...
  17. Ron Swanson

    Antifouling paint stripper

    Yeah, wear a full-on bunny suit, gloves and goggles. Oh, and shoes you don't mind destroying. Nasty shit but it will do the job.
  18. Ron Swanson

    This is why I love Youtube:

    55,000 views? Humanity is done for, never mind Beneteau owners.
  19. Ron Swanson

    Shorthanded cruiser search 33-37' and $60k budget
  20. Ron Swanson

    Sugar Scoop added to Olson 40

    Spectacular!!! Let us know if there are any performance differences, and how it changes life aboard.