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    Sagging ceiling

    i have reused the outer skin before. you want to restore the core so that the skin sits flush with the surrounding edges of the deck. Glue the skin back on with thickened epoxy. Once it has cured then do what Zonker said And take an angle grinder and grind back the edges on each side. This...
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    crack in seacock

    Originally, my head had a through hull but a previous owner had set it up to empty only into a tank. I was in the process of putting in a Y valve when I discovered that the previously capped through hull had a crack in the valve that weeps slightly. I am trying to decide what to do about this...
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    Painted on non-skid longevity: 1-part KiwiGrip vs. 2-part urethane with crushed walnut shells

    I had a boat that I put Interdeck on and after two years the nonskid was not aggressive enough for the kind of crew activity in racing. On the otherhand, I did Kiwigrip and it was still quite good after 5 or 6 years when I sold the boat. It is also pretty easy to touch up. The only thing that...
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    rudder post corrosion

    As you can see, it appears that I have some corrosion on the rudder post.  Three years ago, I replaced the bearings with Jeffa bearings and glued an aluminum sleeve (the rudder post is aluminum) onto the post to create the exact tolerances for the roller bearing.  The rudder post is connected to...
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    Overheard on the water.... stories welcome

    This is the problem with eavesdropping.  We don't know if he looked up from the paper when he thanked her or just kept his head down.
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    Engine Problem, Black fluid and black smoke, your diagnosis?

    I once had a heat exchanger with small perforations.  The boat would run fine and shut down.  The next time when the engine was started and run it would overheat.  Basically, as the engine heated up it would push out some of the anti-freeze into the raw water side.  When the boat cooled this...
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    leak at sender on top of fuel tank

    When I see the amount of flex in the tank wall it seems like maintaining a good seal is challenge without a backing plate of some kind.  On the other hand, the tank is 30 years old so maybe not as much of a problem as it looks like.
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    leak at sender on top of fuel tank

    I ended up overfilling the tank with diesel and got some leaking where the sender attaches to the top of the tank.  The tank is stainless steel but fairly thin.  I pressed on the top and some fuel leaked from under the sender.  The screw in that vicinity is stripped.  I wondered what the best...
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    volvo penta injector blow by

    So, I got a seat cutting tool and tried to clean up the sleeves.  The tool removed the black carbon but did not seem to take off too much copper.  I had the injectors rebuilt and re-installed them.  Unfortunately, the one injector still leaks gas (i.e., blow by).  It is enough that I can feel...
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    Single handed boat work

    Yes, to vice grips.  If you have several bolts in close proximity, the wrenches will spin till they hit one of these bolts.
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    Hookah/Snuba Setup

    I find that a wetsuit provides enough buoyancy to keep me up against the hull.  Kicking down to the keel is not hard and I grab on to it once I am there. I would be really careful about air filtration on any hookah setup
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    Vaping diesel

    could you be getting a leak from around the injectors?
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    Wheel covering material

    I redid the grip on a few windsurfing booms back in the day and it wasn't to hard and they held up pretty well.  I would think that the wear and tear on windsurfing booms would be significantly worse than on a wheel.  There are quite a few videos on how to do a windsurfing boom.
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    hazed acrylic

    Actually, the line is a scratch but I am going to replace this port anyway.  I know that quite a few installs are without screws but  the original was screwed to the hull as well as being caulked with something like dow 795.  My assumption is that the original was polycarbonate but I plan to...
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    hazed acrylic

    Shenanigan- Are these coatings DIY or do they require removing the lens?  Any coatings in particular that you think would work?
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    hazed acrylic

    I suspect that the ports are polycarbonate and I am thinking about replacing them with plexiglass.  The current thickness appears to be 1/4".  The ports are 48" long by 9.5" wide with about 1.5" overlap with the hull all the way around.  This means that the unsupported width is about 6".  Is...
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    Yanmar 3hm35f alternator problems

    Yes, you should be able to replace the pulley.  I have done this at a shop that rebuilds alternators and starters.  The Marine How To website has some good info on measuring pulleys and checking alignment.
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    hazed acrylic

    I bought the boat about 4 years ago and the ports were pretty clear.  One of them started to show some hazing so I did what I mentioned in my original email.  This seemed to clear it up pretty well but then the hazing came back.  This is what I took a photo of.  I had assumed that it was...
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    hazed acrylic

    I have some hazing on several ports that I have not seen before.  Normally, there is crazing but this is like a film that is cloudy.  I sanded them out with 1500 wet/dry and then used the Novus products and they were pretty clear but several months later this film has appeared again.  There is...
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    fuel lines

    I need to replace a fuel line from the fuel pump to the second fuel filter.  The original line was a formed metal line but the replacement fuel pump has the opening on the opposite side (brilliant bit of updating).  Volvo sells a fuel line with crimped banjo fittings but wants $100.  Is it a bad...