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    2016 Mount Gay Round Barbados Race

    An amazing match race took place last Thursday:
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    2016 Round Barbados Race

    An amazing match race took place last Thursday:
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    RIP Brad Robinson Brad was a true modern day pioneer in our sailing fraternity. Meeting him 2 summers ago was a treat-- he treated me like he knew me -- I respect him for standing up and pressing on through some true...
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    Hydroptere Set Off Today for an LA to Honolulu Record Attempt

    I am posting in this section as the Transpac is around the corner. Some Link Info
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    Pro Sailers with big egos dissing owners who sign their checks Pretty arrogant stuff from guys paid over 2 grand a day to play on sailboats to ignore the RRS. And blame their "problems" on their paycheck signing "amateur" owner drivers.
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    2015 Islands Race (Long Beach to San Diego via Catalina and San Clemen

    Underway now. Live Tracker Link: BTW, it looks like when you download the YB Apple App you have to pay for each event now?
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    RTW VOR Horses for Courses

    If this edition of the VOR was an open design contest @ 60' to 70' feet LOA and given the route this time, with all the medium and light air combined with upwind and inshore race components, what do you think the optimum boat would look like?
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    Why all the angst on having reaching legs in racing?

    My apologies if this has been covered in depth before----- Saw a few posts recently where when RC's have chosen reaching legs and it met up with some complaints and grumbling---- Been to the rodeo before so understand the common issues and complaints ----- But now with the big sport-boat...
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    Lido 14 Champs August 1-3, 2014 @ ABYC

    Current Entry List Event Website
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    Sailing on the night of July 4th-I stopped doing this a long time ago
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    2014 Cabo Race Postponed

    From the website:
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    S&S Chubasco - Visiting Long Beach, CA this week.

    CLICK HERE to see some background. Saw that she was hauled out at our local shipyard in Alamitos Bay - Just an exquisite sailing beauty. Pictures I took a few minutes ago are attached.
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    Obama called the SEALs

    and THEY got bin Laden. When the SEALS called Obama, THEY GOT DENIED."
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    Errrr-- Ummmmmmm --- Mr. President--
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    SDYC New Year's Day Race

    Another great day in SoCal to spend with friends on the water---
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    Ugliest SoCal Mainstream Racing Sailboats

    The Kettenburg 50 is my pick --
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    SDYC Hot Rum III

    Another fun day on the water in San Diego--- always a series worth doing. Had a great time with great friends-- This year for some reason really exposed some PHRF rating beaters consistently over 3 races more than other years --- The hubris expressed on shore from a couple of people on these...
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    Hot Rum II

    Only 30+ boats finished out of 90+ that started-- The conditions were challenging to say the least!
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    Hot Rum Series #1

    A fun day on the water! I raced on an Etchells today, and had a great time.
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    Acura Key West 2009

    Div. 1 photos for Friday are posted up at : Go to: "5 Key West 2009 Friday" tab