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  1. stealingisacrime

    Rate Your Bottom Paint!

    I am repainting next season and want to choose the best paint.  We are stripping and barrier coating the bottom first.  Boat will live on a mooring and get scrubbed every two to three weeks.  We will be racing beer can races and day sailing on weekends. I have always liked VC offshore, but am...
  2. stealingisacrime

    Anything out there?

    The boat I normally race on just got sold!  The owner just let us all know.  Divorce forces sale. So a few of us are jumping ship and looking for a small, trailerable, 25'-ish boat for PHRF with a rating below 150 and cost ~ $10k. Not looking to go full sportboat (no VX/viper/melges) or OD. ...
  3. stealingisacrime

    What ever happened to the SpeedDream 27?

    Is this gonna show up in SA Classified soon?
  4. stealingisacrime

    Focus dammit! Think, Drink, Think...

    Stealy think, Stealy drink, Stealy think some more... So in our handicap sailing association the focus is on season long participation.  We have events that are independent, held by clubs, that the parent organization combines for their own awards.  Two decades ago many many boats battled for...
  5. stealingisacrime

    Source for Broken Carbon Spinnaker Pole

    Got a buddy who is looking for 1/2 of a carbon spinnaker pole - 3.75" OD - 6 feet long or more. There has got to be someone, somewhere to collects this shit when it breaks.   Anyone know of anyone? Thanks, Stealy
  6. stealingisacrime

    I just realized...

    The America's Cup was held recently.   Way to make into just another regatta, gentleman...
  7. stealingisacrime

    2 Medals are better than London

    Congrats to Caleb on Bronze Medal!! Looks like we could medal in the Women's 470, too. Locked out of all the others... Still better then a shut out.
  8. stealingisacrime

    Make America Slow Again - from the Front Page

    "One Bronze Medal. That is what is projected for the mighty USA in the sailing Olympics. One Fucking Bronze Medal." What is sadder is that the two people projected to get that bronze medal are among he oldest competitors in the games. Speaks volumes about how our Junior Sailing Programs are...
  9. stealingisacrime

    Ker 33 - What Happened?

    Where of the pics of the boat sailing? Any results? Anyone seen it racing? I like big butts and I cannot lie.
  10. stealingisacrime

    ORCi at KWRW

    Anyone have any insight into how ORCi is working at Key West? The racing fleet is so diverse (40 footers vs. 30 footers) it is hard to tell how from the results.
  11. stealingisacrime

    Calculating ORC ratings during a race

    Is there a simple rule for comparing GPH and calculating time owed to another boat?
  12. stealingisacrime

    Spinnaker Sleeve or Top Down Furler

    Which do you prefer? Looking to make a purchase and need some help deciding. Please list type of boat and type of sailing you do. Thanks in advance, Stealy
  13. stealingisacrime

    Bottom Paint Opinions - Did you try anything new this season that work

    I know bottom paint has been discussed 1000 times, so I just want to know if anyone tried anything new this season... 2013. I figure by now you would know. I am a VC Offshore user who is just wondering if their is anything better.
  14. stealingisacrime

    What happened to the Sydney GTS 37?

    It looked like a pretty cool boat, were any every built? Inquiring minds want to know... Stealy
  15. stealingisacrime

    Annapolis Race Week - Is it just one design?

    We are looking for out of town events for our J/29, does Annapolis Race Week have a decent PHRF Fleet? Would it be worth the drive from Mass? I thought it was just one design racing, but I read in sailing world that has a PHRF Fleet.
  16. stealingisacrime

    VC Offsore vs VC Epoxy

    I did all the searches, culled through the results and now need a definative answer. My buddy and I have removed all the bottom paint off a boat that he will moor in Marion, Mass and need to chose a bottom coating. He is doing the local beer can racing. Does VC epoxy offer a performance...
  17. stealingisacrime


    Has anyone used a Rockcity Marine Rock Box? It is a GPS driven all in one - speed, bearing, head, lift, etc. It is priced the same as the mini-tactic and appears to be like the velocitec. I am looking into one and want to get some feedback on it. It uses AA batteries which makes me wonder...
  18. stealingisacrime

    AUS & NZ used sportboats listings

    I am interested in seeing what is for sale in the NZ and AUS sportboat market. Please share any website listing boats for sale. Please don't post classifieds here - you need to take out an ad for that. Thanks, Steal
  19. stealingisacrime

    Ed, Please interview this guy.

    Paralympic Athlete of the Year Nick Scandone (Fountain Valley, Calif.) sailed brilliantly throughout the year, which culminated in a very impressive win at the 2.4mR Open World Championship where he defeated 87 able-bodied and disabled sailors in the process, including seven previous world...
  20. stealingisacrime

    Etchells New Englands

    I want to look at the full results and cannot find them anywhere....