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    crack in seacock

    Originally, my head had a through hull but a previous owner had set it up to empty only into a tank. I was in the process of putting in a Y valve when I discovered that the previously capped through hull had a crack in the valve that weeps slightly. I am trying to decide what to do about this...
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    rudder post corrosion

    As you can see, it appears that I have some corrosion on the rudder post.  Three years ago, I replaced the bearings with Jeffa bearings and glued an aluminum sleeve (the rudder post is aluminum) onto the post to create the exact tolerances for the roller bearing.  The rudder post is connected to...
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    leak at sender on top of fuel tank

    I ended up overfilling the tank with diesel and got some leaking where the sender attaches to the top of the tank.  The tank is stainless steel but fairly thin.  I pressed on the top and some fuel leaked from under the sender.  The screw in that vicinity is stripped.  I wondered what the best...
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    hazed acrylic

    I have some hazing on several ports that I have not seen before.  Normally, there is crazing but this is like a film that is cloudy.  I sanded them out with 1500 wet/dry and then used the Novus products and they were pretty clear but several months later this film has appeared again.  There is...
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    fuel lines

    I need to replace a fuel line from the fuel pump to the second fuel filter.  The original line was a formed metal line but the replacement fuel pump has the opening on the opposite side (brilliant bit of updating).  Volvo sells a fuel line with crimped banjo fittings but wants $100.  Is it a bad...
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    spraying nonskid particles onto rolled paint

    Has anyone had experience with this approach?  The surface is rolled and then a spray gun is used to broadcast the nonskid onto the wet paint.  I wonder if you can get a more even surface than using a shaker?
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    using a square u-bolt for a stern dock line chock

    I had a cast aluminum chock that was integrated with the toe-rail that broke.  It was a closed D shaped loop.  I have looked for another but not found a matching one.  I am thinking about using a square stainless u-bolt for the chock.  I would like the line to be protected whether it is running...
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    replacing mechanical fuel pump

    My fuel pump went out.  I put an electronic fuel pump in line with it.  I have heard that if the diaphragm rips on the mechanical fuel pump that diesel can leak into the oil and collect in the sump.  One option is to put solid bolts in the inlet out outlet banjo fittings of the mechanical fuel...
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    volvo penta injector blow by

    I started to smell some exhaust in the boat.  When I hold my hand over one of the injectors I feel pulsing air.  I assume that this is exhaust blow by and means that the injector is not completely seated.  On the side of the injector there is a shiny black coating that looks much like a vinyl...
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    fuel transfer

    I am on a mooring at it is an hour to a fuel dock so I frequently fill diesel from jerry cans.  I find pouring into funnels kind of messy.  Has anyone had experience with this kind of pump or the battery operated ones?  Are  they pretty clean to use and store? ...
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    mppt solar charge controller does the current draw affect how it regulates the charge?

    I have a Victron MPPT charge controller and a Victron battery monitor.  I have noticed that the current readings of the battery monitor are generally less than what I have seen as measured at the panel.  I assume that this is because the batteries are close to fully charged.  What I am curious...
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    isolating a rudder post

    I have a boat with an aluminum rudder post and a whitlock steering system with a draglink.  There are rod ends on each end of the draglink or rod connecting the pedestal to the rudder quadrant.  I bought some stainless steel replacements that had ptfe races supposedly but the bearing is not...
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    better access to cabin lockers

    I always find that I have to pull all of the cushion seat backs to be able to get access to under seats in the main cabin salon.  The problem is that all of the back and side seats are secured with velcro and they sit on top of the seat cushion.  You can't raise the seat without removing all of...
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    Gasket material for a hatch

    I used some box store self stick silicon weatherstrip on the underside of a lazarette hatch but it doesn't stay put.  Does anyone use something else that works well?
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    diesel ventilation

    The diesel in my boat is enclosed by cabinetry which is entirely enclosed within the cabin.  In other words there is no wall that is shared with the outside of the boat into which a vent can be installed.  The back of the cabinet is at the head of the aft quarterberth and a space has been left...
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    nexus wind data disappears after 40 seconds

    I have an old nexus instruments system v. 1.0  from the late 90s.  The wind speed/direction display stopped working this past winter.  I have checked the voltages as outlined in the manual at the display and they appear to be within acceptable ranges.  When I power up the instruments (there are...
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    autohelm motor drive connector

    I have the st4000 autohelm and the rubber boot and connector to the motor drive has fallen apart.  There is a replacement cable A18061 that is not too pricey but the connector seems to be of pretty poor quality to break down so quickly.  Has anyone found a replacement connector that will either...
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    repairing a cobra whitlock pedestal

    Last season, the bolts holds the quadrant gear in the pedestal loosened and the pinion gear was damaged.  One of the teeth was slightly bent.  Does anyone have suggestions for either fixing the part or places to look for a replacement.  The model is the 5R model.  If I can find the part at a...
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    rudder tube material

    I am replacing some rudder bearings.  The old rudder tube appears to have been pvc and it slipped into the top of the rudder bearing housing.  The whole housing fits into a socket in the hull which extends 6 or 7" above the inside of the hull.  This makes the top of the socket something like 10"...
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    robert h. perry on Monk

    I was watching an episode of Monk and the murderer, a rich scoundrel, was talking on the phone about his new custom yacht.  The camera panned over the desk where the blueprints showed a large power boat and there is was:  Designer: Robert H. Perry.  Was this clever product placement or sheer...