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  1. DogBalls

    The Shocker

    Has anyone ever given, or been given, "two in the pink and one in the stink"? :o
  2. DogBalls

    Squirting Anarchy

    Thoughts on this topic? Never experienced, but boy would I love to!
  3. DogBalls

    Get Off The Phone And Drive

    OK, so last night I was driving home from the office and I slowly pass a food delivery truck. I notice a brighter than normal light in the cab. I look over and the driver has is phone tacked to the windshield in a holder watching a FUCKING MOVIE! This in going north on 101 in heavy traffic at...
  4. DogBalls

    FP - Put To Sleep

    So, like Allan was at this J70 regatta. I think they called it the "Allan Block World Intergalactic Domination King Of Nothing Except My Opinion Of Myself And What I Say Is Cool, And Everything Else Sucks Regatta". Why is this regatta so cool and the J70 class at the Allan loathed Rolex Big...
  5. DogBalls

    Stupid BS Anarchy

    Mimes, just want to punch one Mini-vans... why are they the worst driven auto's on the road today? Why does Vegi-Mite taste like shit? What do you have?
  6. DogBalls

    Worst Job Anarchy

    Ones I know of, not from first hand experience: J-Mopper (if you have to ask... you don't want to know) Manual horse simulator Port-O-Potty Cleaner (Summer Job)
  7. DogBalls

    Real World Anarchy - What Do You Do For Work?

    Seriously, what do you do for work? Since I started this one: Lead Recruiter for a Fortune 350 company.
  8. DogBalls

    Best Strip Clubs Anarchy

    Can't believe I beat CS to this one.... Have at it. Mitchel Bro's in San Francisco Beamer's Cafe Stamford CT
  9. DogBalls

    Just How Drunk Have You Been?

    Larry Miller's Five Stages of Drinking LEVEL 1: It's 11.00 on a weeknight, you've had a few beers. You get up to leave because you have work the next day and one of your friends buys another round. One of your UNEMPLOYED friends. Here at level one you think to yourself, "Oh come on, this is...
  10. DogBalls

    Rolex Big Boat Starts Thursday - City Front Racing

    Does anyone know what happens if the AC is still going on Thursday and Rolex Big Boat starts? Who has the permit for the City Front and who gets priority? This is a St Francis/ Rolex event so I'm guessing they have it. I've heard rumors of AC being postponed till a week from today. I've also...
  11. DogBalls

    2012 Rolex Big Boat

    Starts tomorrow and no thread!?! Let's get er going.
  12. DogBalls

    SF Bay Waypoints

    Does anyone know how to get all the YRA marks as way points in to your IPhone/ IPad other than going out and pinging each one of them? Is there a file to download or resource anyone can point to? I have MotionX on both devices. Many Thanks! PS - Hope people are rocking out on the 3BF today!
  13. DogBalls

    Stoned Sailors

    To protect the innocent, no names needed but please share some harmless stories of your favorite perma-stoned sailing mates, if only for a chuckle... Mine, never forget a certain someone who's name bears resemblance to the uptight prep school in Lakeville CT who could manage to take a bat hit...
  14. DogBalls

    Where Do Old Sailboats Go To Die

    Seriously, what happens to an old boat when she's no longer wanted and can't be sold or donated? I see all these wonderful pictures on the Old Sailing Photo's thread and it never occurred to me what happen to the materials it takes to build one of these wonderful yachts. Are the boats put...
  15. DogBalls

    2010 Big Boat

    I'm going to be there on TNT. Looks like IRC B should be fun.
  16. DogBalls

    2010 Big Boat IRC Splits〈=1 I think it will be a very good thing and overall improve the quality and number of competitors. More sport boats, more IRC specific boats, more competitors. Thoughts?
  17. DogBalls

    Bermuda Race 2010

    I'm going on Mischievous. Newport - Bermuda #6 for me.
  18. DogBalls

    Stone Cup

    Who's going? What are the thoughts around the IRC racing?
  19. DogBalls

    Front Page - Puma Missing Something

    or does Puma not have a SailDrive/ prop? Is it put on later and if so, how? Thanks
  20. DogBalls

    San Francisco Bay Tides

    Does anyone know of any resources, software, that is out there that is great for predicting tides, direction, flow, etc specifically for SF Bay? It would be great if it could be run with, in conjunction with other racing software. The more detailed the better. Thoughts?