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  1. Dave Clark

    Come try an IC at the Wickford regatta

    Obviously, we in the IC fleet troll the crap out of this forum. But then again, somebody has to balance out the endless paid hype about the overpriced and underwhelming RS Aero, so here goes. The IC fleet is racing at the Wickford regatta June 6th-7th, Wickford RI (wickford yacht club) and as...
  2. Dave Clark

    Come try an IC in NC

    Canoe midwinters will be happening at Oriental YC in Oriental North Carolina on the weekend of April 11th and 12th. PM me if you want to indulge your curiosity by and taking one of the boats for a post-race spin OR if you think you can handle a loaner boat for some races. Stable loaner boats are...
  3. Dave Clark

    2014 IC Worlds highlight reel

    Fresh from editing. Here it is for 'yall DRC