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  1. coltrek

    Drywall Sander Redux

    In May 2020 I brought up the subject of using a drywall sander for bottom sanding, thinking of a Porter-Cable model,  and, long story short, finally took the plunge and bought a Festool 575994 and was pleasantly surprised. I am glad I waited until they upgraded from a rotary disk to a random...
  2. coltrek

    Drywall Sander for Bottoms

    I am contemplating buying a Porter Cable 7800 Drywall sander for sanding bottom paint. Mostly Ablative.  I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of someone using one of these, (or similar, like a Wen, Festool, etc) and had good luck.  It looks like it would be a back saver, as well as easier on...