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  1. blunderfull

    Doyers 2022

    Mighty Pads in town for 3. Trolling at it’s finest. Soto shows up and they’re straight to WS? They never learn.
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    TdF 2022

  3. blunderfull

    NBA Finals 2022

    Dubs in 7.       C’s defense wears teams out.   Klay & Steph have to watch their minutes. C’s will hunt Klay - he needs D help on Tatum/Brown.  Can he guard Smart?   Miami gave Smart the shots - that’s an interesting matchup. Time Lord looked gimpy yesterday.   Big loss for their...
  4. blunderfull

    Cerro Gordo

    Brent’s back and ramping up.     This is one trip to the Sierras that would be well worth the adventure of getting up that mountain (8500’).  Views from the Inyo mtns looking west to the Sierras in winter are crazy beautiful.   I’m heading out/up prolly in May for a b-day ride.   It’s all out...
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    Lakers 2021-22

     Post Lebron days are here.   We’re done. Trade AD for picks and a young center.  His value has peaked.   He alone is not enough. Lebron has flashes and then we get a week of 36 y.o. getting busted by youth. Bronny is 16 yes?   Two more years and counting. It feels like the end of Kobe’s run...
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    Nims Purja

    Still trying to get my head around 6 mos/6 days??!! Where are his VO2 numbers? And we thought Messner was superhuman?   
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    SV Triteia

    Enjoy this channel a lot.     James living the dream.   
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    Chlorine shortages bust entitlement bubble

    “What?  I can’t heat my pool to 90 all day/everday?    Go find some for me!” Leslies:   “…none today.   Maybe thursday.” Home Depot:   ….still ringing.   They all at lunch?   3 diff locations with no answer. Hasa (the largest US producer) tells industry news site in May - ‘hey, don’t worry -...
  9. blunderfull

    Top Tier Gas & the rest (Sam’s ?)

    Any new intel on Sam’s?   Buddy comped me a membership.   Time to save, hope for clean valves and get in line??   Gas at my Shell hits $4.25 @ 87 oct. Valero is Top Tier certified.   Anyone buy that?
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    She’s a Keeper

    That girl gone gangsta on that Momma bear!
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    3am Reading List
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    MLB 2021

    Been away for a year or three?     State of the game Part 2:
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    SV Seeker

    Time for a new thread as we’re less than 6 months from launch. Cameo appearances from Mutt & Jeff. Go Doug.
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    The One

  15. blunderfull

    Dan Gable talking story

    Dan’s quite the character.   Once he gets rolling he completly shuts Rogan down.   Respect.      In the day he was The Man.   Great wrestler, coach and full-on Iowan..
  16. blunderfull

    Caroline World

    Newp for $18 big ones
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    TdF 2021

    Sosa   “The 23-year-old didn’t waste his rare opportunity to step out from behind Bernal as he rode to GC victory in France last week. Will he get a similar opportunity in 2021? Riding on an Ineos Grenadiers squad packing four grand tour winners and established stage racing stars such as...
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    Carly OBD-11 plug-in Diagnostic app?

    Worth the $$?    Better than what Toyota might offer?
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    EPL. 2021

    Reds 0-0 United ManU with a solid defensive effort.   Reds tied up by a tactically sharp midfield.  Has Solsjkaer got this worked out correctly? Reds will rise up by next month.   Too much talent up top.   ManU hopefuls but, really?   I don’t see them in CL slot by seasons end.      Nice match.
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    Gandalf’s for sale