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  1. pitman260

    Arachnaphobia --Left Hook

    Left Hook is afraid of spiders--so Espo put a few on Hustler for him last weekend--pussy!
  2. pitman260

    Anarchist Party at Harlem Y.C.

    April 8 Harlem Y.C. on City Island--Doyle Sails presents Reid Stowe--"Drifting for Fun and Profit" or--"is drifting in the ocean and eating weeds and government cheese truly a sailing adventure??" I think that some anarchists should show up to ask the burning questions: 1. "How're the child...
  3. pitman260

    What will become of DOGzilla after the A.C.?

    I think that I Hate Everyone should buy it and race it aginst Hustler in a WLIS PHRF Regatta. Anonymous Guest can be the tactician on BWMO---he can raft it up next to his house
  4. pitman260

    Woman hurt at City Island Y.C.

    FACEBOOK A restaurant-goer says she was struck by the decor at a Manhattan eatery -- but not in a visual way. Raina Kumra says in a negligence lawsuit filed last week that a stuffed moose head plummeted off a wall and onto her head
  5. pitman260

    Sailman is a daddy

    Congratulations Will! A baby Museler born Saturday morning at 2:20 am Best wishes to the new daddy and mom. I hope Willie Jr. becomes as good a sailor as his dad.
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    pic of Angela (Bow Princess) at last years Heineken Regatta
  7. pitman260

    Heineken Reggata

    My ride cancelled on me--I am looking for a crew spot. Raced there last year. I already have tickets and a place to stay. 20 yrs offshore racing experience. Have ability to do any job on the boat--but I'm a little heavy for the foredeck. Love big breeze--(my thing)
  8. pitman260

    Cave Man

    BnG St. Maarten 2008
  9. pitman260

    New York Judge sides with Ellison in AC case

    Judge Sides With US Yacht Club E-MailPrint Save By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: March 18, 2008 Filed at 2:42 p.m. ET NEW YORK (AP) -- A New York State Supreme Court judge has sided with a U.S. yacht club in an America's Cup dispute, which could force a rare one-on-one showdown for the...