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  1. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Sailboat collided with Aircraft Carrier   Reminds me of the old insurance ad “charter boat…what charter boat”
  2. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Corona hit by Corona Virus - YCMTSU
  3. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Ladders for tenders

    So yesterday I was trying to retrieve one of my crab pots from the tender when some mug in a big Riv went past at make the most wash possible speed and I ended up a wet sock! After getting myself back over the stern of my inflatable tender using the outboard (yes it was turned off) I got...
  4. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Is WS FUBAR?
  5. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    When Kangaroos attack
  6. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Julia Roberts - now that’s a headline

    I’ve always fancied Julia
  7. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Just how far did he expect to go?

    A joint operation between the Australian Border Force (ABF), Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Queensland Police Service (QPS) has resulted in the arrest of a fugitive allegedly attempting to flee Australia on a jet ski.  On 25 March, ABF received information from Queensland Police in Bamaga...
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    Why does this offend?

    Have we become so PC?
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    This airlines food must be really bad

    One airplane passenger has won overnight Internet fame after sharing a self-produced video to Twitter of herself licking the toilet seat of a plane bathroom.