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  1. bulkleycorp

    S2 27

    V berth was quite long…. Btw I started that thread on sailnet link above back in 2008…lol.  I miss the boat, sold it due 1) time to maintain, 2) wanted smaller/easier/cheaper boat, 3) wanted trailer storage in case I needed to winter store at home…. Was a mistake in retrospect… should have kept...
  2. bulkleycorp

    Non-penetrating depth transducer

    Same here, used on my last boat for many years...
  3. bulkleycorp

    Keel J bolt replacement in lead keel

    i had the same reaction. everytime i see examples of corroded keel bolts they are in the area within the stub, not at the top....
  4. bulkleycorp

    What defines a "Rebuilt" diesel?

    + 100 on the receipts. if they can't supply the run away.
  5. bulkleycorp

    Mooring chain..

    i hear i think about it with all the work in removing and angle grinding....i may just pick up some new links...the res of th chain is good, amd the upper is only one year old. thx.
  6. bulkleycorp

    Mooring chain..

    Just checked the chain today...noticed wear on several links on the end connecting to the upper chain. Rest of chain to the mushroom eye looks good. I'm thinking or reversing chain ends. So I would connect the worn end to mushroom eye a few links down past the worn links. Would I need to...
  7. bulkleycorp

    Tanzer 29 (Euro), Limited info on

    have you heard of a tool called google? To start... Generally speaking Tanzer owners can be found on the Tanzer Yahoo newsgroup. It's mainly T22 owners but ypu can find some owners of other hulls as well.
  8. bulkleycorp

    Help!!! Keel smile weeping water

    i have an '85 S2 27, it's a cored hull, but was told by S2 that it's solid glass at keel. i had the smile but grooved it out and put on 34oz biaxial fiberglass cloth, the another layer of lighter finishing more smiles.
  9. bulkleycorp

    Camera geeks

    If you're still looking try either a refurbished Nikkor lens, or try, they have good used equipment.
  10. bulkleycorp

    Yanmar 1GM10

    If all is well in neutral, what about the tranny? Or how about stuffing box or cutless bearing being wrong size or causing friction?? Only time this happened to my 1gm-10 was a heavily barnacled prop. Once cleaned she hit 3k plus rpm.
  11. bulkleycorp

    Thick Aluminum or Stainles Plate

    I have had good luck getting stainless at, pricing is very good for small lots. They have a wide variety, and if you call them they'll work with you to source the most cost effective parts. Basically they're a franchise of machine shops amd metal distributors.
  12. bulkleycorp

    Specific keel bolt question...

    i've been told to not use backing plates that are square (ie, not rounded) as they can create a more localized stress point. i'm not a structural engineer so not sure if they mean simple rounding the corners so they don't form a tight angle, or if the edges need to be rounded, etc..
  13. bulkleycorp

    Mooring Rig

    +1 re Hamilton Marine. Try to buy the steel mushrooms that have the larger flange - will wear down much smaller than other mushrooms. i would go with 300# mushroom - 5/8" bottom - 3/8" top chain. you may want to contact one of the local yacht clubs - they may have someone that installs...
  14. bulkleycorp

    old diesel fuel

    +1 re Stanadyne - graet stuff.
  15. bulkleycorp

    great deal on Fein multimaster

    harbor freight has their cheapie version too - in fact there is a youtube link with a guy doing a demo.
  16. bulkleycorp

    Specific keel bolt question...

    Couple of thoughts, you mentioned bilge water - where did water come from? Its good that you're not seeing flexing of keel but still water could seep - also i have seen pictures of studs that seemed fine but when keel was pulled the stud under the bilge was worn away. Also when you fabricate...
  17. bulkleycorp


    shop vac it is - hosed as I need to use a shop vac...will try the computer static strap - good idea... and no it's not in Area 51, although some folks might think it is... thx
  18. bulkleycorp


    So for the past 2 years every time I sand the bottom of my boat (S2 27) I get lots of static electricity build up and get zapped. I have used 2 different sanders, have tested the yard outlet using a testing tool, and even have a GFI plug connected to the yard's GFI plug. I start sanding and...
  19. bulkleycorp

    Re-hab'ing keel bolts

    Similar problem on my 3.5knsb. here was a temp solution that seemed to help...but will do more major work this winter/spring...
  20. bulkleycorp

    rig tuning

    What do you do with a MH rig with sweptback spreaders? My S2 27 has an offshore spars rig which has masthead shrouds and single swept back spreaders. Most resources on the web either talk to fractional rigs with swept back spreaders or MH rig with straight spreaders. I'm particularly...