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  1. 3to1

    Stable Genius and his Red Button.

    Dotard apparently proposes nuking hurricanes so they can't hit the US.  Discuss.
  2. 3to1

    'gop' rips apart Endangered Species Act right as the extinction crisis reaches the point of no return.

    Unprecedented deregulations. Any possible protections will be weighed against 'economic impact'.
  3. 3to1

    Food Stamps

    The Asshole party organization wants to selectively cut food stamps for 'able-bodied' recipients, those to the Left say it will merely increase hunger. Thoughts?
  4. 3to1

    tRump wants to gut funding for public broadcasting.

    How perfectly blatant... Fuck 'righty'.
  5. 3to1

    'EPA head' Scott Pruitt installing sound proof phone booth in his office.

    what's the rationale behind this?