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  1. Oregonarchist

    things worth remembering; raise a glass tonight, if you would.

    From a facebook post of a dear friend of mine today; a good man, who lost his Dad to the sea at a young age. Thirty years ago on June 2, 1984 the S/V Marques left Bermuda captained by my father Stuart Finlay Sr. The vessel had just won the first leg of the Cutty Sark Tall Ships race from Puerto...
  2. Oregonarchist

    Good Beer Anarchy

    A new thread to relocate a previous beer highjack from the hot tub thread, hence the quote/ reply in the first post. Seems there's a lot of good beer being made in a lot of places. What's the best you've had and who's making it? Beware of pretentious bullshit and sacred cows, but feel free to...
  3. Oregonarchist

    Another Great One Gone Over the Horizon

    Electric guitar pioneer (and apparently inventor of multi-track recording as well) died today. Just heard it on the news. edit -- already a thread going HERE
  4. Oregonarchist

    Must-have shirt Read the reviews. Only then will you know if this shirt is right for you...
  5. Oregonarchist

    What a Trillion Dollars Looks Like

    Friend of mine sent this to me today. A trillion dollars is a lot of money.
  6. Oregonarchist

    10 K Party

    Where will it happen? What will he say? It's gotta be tonight...
  7. Oregonarchist

    Dads with LITTLE daughters

    Now that Mr. Booth has given us all stress disorders thinking about what happens when our no-longer-quite-so-little girls head out into the world on their own, or worse, in the company of one or more hormone-charged young males, I say we shove our heads in the sand a while and pretend that is...
  8. Oregonarchist

    Mission Accomplished

    Five years ago today, George Bush showed up in a flight suit on USS Abraham Lincoln and declared "Mission Accomplished in Iraq". Arrogant fuck. Now, the war has entered its sixth year, marked over 4,000 American troop deaths and is expected to cost at least $3 trillion. The emporer has no...