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  1. George Dewey

    Looking for a J/111 J4 or J3.4

    My ancient J4 for my J/111 finally gave up it's ghost, and is not on the way to that great sail loft in the sky (better known as a dumpster). New ones have long lead times, and I'm thinking there are some people who bought one to meet the rule and rarely used it. Anyone have a J4 or maybe a J3.5...
  2. George Dewey

    Which spin blocks for a J/111

    I need to replace the spin blocks on the quarters of my J/111, but I don't know how much load the blocks will need to handle. Harken's web site J/111 deck layout calls for Harken 3226 blocks, which have a max working load of 1,655 pounds and a breaking load of 3,300 pounds.  Except I want to...
  3. George Dewey

    Spin sheet blocks for J/111

    I need to replace the spin blocks on the quarters of my J/111, but I don't know how much load the blocks will need to handle. Harken's web site J/111 deck layout calls for Harken 3226 blocks, which have a max working load of 1,655 pounds and a breaking load of 3,300 pounds.  Except I want to...
  4. George Dewey

    Mcmurdo Smartfind S20 questions

    A skipper I'm planning to sail with recently purchased 10 Mcmurdo Smartfind S20 personal MOB AIS beacons. I had not seen this model before but I figured what the heck, and I volunteered to program them with his MMSI. Well, I just opened one, and apparently there is no way to program it with an...
  5. George Dewey

    New oversize kite for J/111

    I have seen @Blur and others here talk about using an oversized kits on the J/111 for more speed (fun), but as I search I can't find the right thread. I currently have an A1.5, A2 and an A3, all class legal, and I'm thinking my inventory could benefit from a bigger asym. I'm sailing mostly in...
  6. George Dewey

    Best setup for asym peels?

    I want to set my J/111 (so 36 feet LOA with an 8 foot bowsprite) up for asym peels. I have only been sailing this boat since July and it's my first asym boat, so I would appreciate some help deciding how to set this up and do it. I think I need a second block on each quarter and a second set of...
  7. George Dewey

    J/111 headstay attachment to mast question

    I'm trying to order a new rod headstay with a Tuff Luff from my rigger, and he asked if the top end is an eye or a toggle. The manual does not say, and I deleted all my mast pictures. Anyone know? Thanks very much...
  8. George Dewey

    unbolting a plate bedded with 5200

    I need to remove this square plate, ideally without cutting up the deck. Those bolts have a 3/4 inch slot and I can't find a screwdriver anywhere near that big. We got the nuts off easily but the bolts wouldn't budge. CCF made the boat, I emailed them and they said it's bedded with either 4200...
  9. George Dewey

    What is this thing for on my J/111 ?

    I'm trying to figure out what this screw thing is for on my 2011 US made J/111. It's on the top of the cabin house near and above the forward end of the lead car track. There is one on each side. I think it is leaking, and wondering if I should just get rid of it before it destroys my core.  
  10. George Dewey

    Best head foil for a 36 foot boat and #5 tapes

    I think the Schafer Aero (1706) does not work with #5 tapes. So I think that leaves me with a choice between the Harken Carbo Foil or the Schafer classic Tuff Luff (1205-46), correct? Any other reasonable options for dual track head foil? 
  11. George Dewey

    Connecting two Zeus plotters with ethernet. Crossover?

    I'm still struggling to get my two Zeus plotters to connect via ethernet for chart sharing. There is a cable between them but both plotters say "cable unplugged" when I go to menu -> system -> network -> info. It has been working intermittently. I'm just going to tear the ethernet out...
  12. George Dewey

    How long should B&G stuff last?

    My new (to me) boat came with an H5000 setup. Ten weeks ago the Zeus 2 failed. Seven weeks ago an H5000 graphics display failed. Yesterday a 20/20HV failed. Part rant, part question: This stuff is six years old. Am I going to have to replace the entire system over the next 12 months? If so, the...
  13. George Dewey

    My 111 is really, really wet...

    I see water coming in past the mast partners, and water coming in through the bowsprit sleeve. I don't see any leaking ports or hatches or anywhere else water is coming in. We sailed a 60nm race this weekend, started dry, and after no rain and just 3 foot seas, had plenty of water on board, to...
  14. George Dewey

    Can I put an exclusion zone into a Zeus plotter?

    Looking through the manual, I didn't see a way to mark an exclusion zone on a Zeus plotter. Can that be done?
  15. George Dewey

    How to make an H5000 log data

    I have looked through the manual, and it's probably in there and I missed it... But, how do I get an H5000 to log instrument data?
  16. George Dewey

    Driving a J/111 higher to get down to target speed

    In my J/111, last few races, we have been in about 12 knots of breeze, and I find that beating we're above target speed by a good bit, but when I try to come up, the inside tell tails on the J2 all go completely nuts before I get much higher. We have the J2 trimmed mostly flat, a little twist...
  17. George Dewey

    Powdercoating old bow and rails

    My stainless bow pulpit has some very light surface rust, and there are many products available to deal with that. I'm wondering, after I clean that up, can I send the pulpit and stern rails and stanchions out to be powder coated? They are about 10 years old. Black rails look so cool, and it's...
  18. George Dewey

    CCFC says - No more J/111s

    I was just on the phone with CCFC buying a part, and she told me it is the last one. I asked if they are making anymore and she said no, and the J/111 is out of production, at least at CCFC. I was very surprised, given how popular this boat is. Four months ago Sailing Anarchy did a "retro"...
  19. George Dewey

    J/111 - Ditching the Facnor furler

    For you J/111 owners who removed the Facnor furler, did you drill a second hole in the attachment plate where the headstay connects at the bow? A friend of mine who used to own a 111 and made this change sent me the attached drawing, but the hole where the furler connects is not forward like in...
  20. George Dewey

    What are these anchor bases?

    I'm looking for these or something similar. The base is about 2 inches in diameter. Anyone recognize these? Thanks...