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  1. harryproa

    24m/80' cargo proa arrives in Fiji

      New thread for a new chapter on the build of the prototype 24m/80' cargo proa.     I arrived in Fiji 2 weeks ago and  moved into a bure and office at the College of Appropriate Tech and Development (CATD) at Bau Landing, about 25 kms NE of Suva.  The staff and students are lovely and very...
  2. harryproa

    Situation suitable shipping for remote island communities

    Remote Pacific villages are serviced by diesel powered ships which are too deep to enter lagoons and require large payloads to justify a journey.  3 months between visits is not unusual.  The alternative is open skiffs with outboards, which cost a heap to run and sometimes make it, but...
  3. harryproa

    Infusing flax

    I have been given a couple of rolls of flax cloth.  Before using them on the boat I infused a couple of stacks of flax and fibreglass.  Same weight of cloth, but the flax was a little thicker.  The infusion filled both stacks at the same time.  After half an hour, the flax side was about 2...
  4. harryproa

    Electric scissors

    I need to cut a couple of hundred sq m of 400 uni glass cloth into 1m lengths.   Any suggestions on suitable electric scissors or other means of doing this much appreciated. Rob
  5. harryproa

    sails to replace outboards in the Marshall Islands

    I have just returned from a fun 9 weeks in the Marshall Islands, showing the locals how to build a sailing proa to replace the too-expensive-to-run outboard powered boats for fishing and cross lagoon transport.   Before I left, we went for a sail and got some video...
  6. harryproa

    Replacing outboards with sails in the Marshall Is

    I am half way through a 10 week stint in Majuro, Marshall Islands, as part of this project:      The relevant bit starts on page 102, Chapter 4.   We have built and sailed the first mini cargo...
  7. harryproa

    Stolen Boat. Culatra, Portugal

    The 20m/66' harryproa Kleen Breeze has been reported as missing from the anchorage at Culatra, South Portugal.  A diver has recovered her anchor.    Apparently the chain had been cut.    The case has been reported to the Maritime Police. The owner has asked me to publicise this in case the...
  8. harryproa

    Finn vs Tasar

    I'm curious. Would a well sailed Tasar beat a well sailed Finn around a ww/lw/triangle race track in 5, 10, 15 and 20 knot breezes? Ideally with examples or numbers, please. thanks rob
  9. harryproa

    Win a day on Bucket List, or $500

    I am posting this on the Sailing Forum instead of the Multihulls Forum as a) it is a guessing contest and B) Bucket List is designed to be suitable for anyone who can sail. After any teething troubles are sorted out, Bucket List will be sailed upwind and reaching. The gps recordings will be...
  10. harryproa

    Righting moment Freedom 35

    We have a mast to build for a Freedom 35. It would be a lot easier to optimise it if we knew the boats righting moment. I have tried to contact Garry Hoyt (designer) at the phone and fax numbers (no email) on his web page, with no success. Any suggestions? Thanks. rob
  11. harryproa

    Rules question with a difference

    I race proas. They shunt instead of tacking. See 1:10 into the video at
  12. harryproa

    Gold Coast (Qld) Multis

    Pretty soon I should be getting a 15m harryproa, 8m wide ( and need somewhere to keep it, ideally not far from Runaway Bay. Any suggestions, ideas or offers? By Xmas we hope to have the rig (23m mast telescoping to 12...
  13. harryproa

    50' cruiser. Cost and build time?

    Flasharry is a 50' harryproa for the owner and his mates to access remote surf locations. Requirements are that it is quick and easy to build, fast and comfortable to sail and live on, shallow draft and not too expensive. The owner/builder is good with tools, has done a fair bit of sailing...
  14. harryproa

    Flat panel build method

    A video my daughter put together using the construction photos of the 15m/50'ter currently being built. rob
  15. harryproa

    Non fossil fuel propulsion

    I have been asked to solicit papers on non fossil fuel propulsion for commercial vessels for an international conference on marine propulsion in March 2013. Anybody with any suggestions or knowledge about companies or individuals who are involved in this field, at any level from idea through...
  16. harryproa


    G'day, I received the following from one of the administrators of the Classe 50 multihull organisation. Given that the OSTAR organisers and ISAF are dead set against harryproas (for very ill defined reasons), it is good to see the French daring to explore new possibilities. Quote: I...
  17. harryproa

    Wylie 30 race results

    G'day, Lots of talk in the archives about how well/badly the Wylie 30 sails, but I can't find any race results against other well sailed boats. Where should I look? I am also interested in polars for the boat if anyone has them. Upwind speed and app wind angle in particular . Failing all...
  18. harryproa

    solo boat liferafts

    G'day, What is the liferaft of choice for the solo crowd? regards, Rob
  19. harryproa

    Cruising version of design competition proa

    G'day, Video taken while delivering the 15m/50' cruising Visionarry down the Australian east coast. This boat is about 40% heavier than Blind Date (sports version) and about 5 times heavier than my solo Transpac boat, which is in the SA design competition. Both these boats have stiffer...
  20. harryproa

    Excellent building technique

    Sorry, see the other thread. How do I delete this one? Nothing came up under search