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    3M 71 - Composite Spray Adhesive

    Looking for experience with this stuff: composite strength degradation vs application density, actual tack time window vs temperature, bond strength vs application density, gotchas ...
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    Low Temperature Epoxy Cure

    It's winter in the Rockies and I, thru egregious lack of planning, am doing deck core replacement outdoors in between winter weather episodes.  I can get the interior of the boat (I'm replacing the core from underneath) up to 70F by clever application of timing and electric heat. My question...
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    Vacuum Infusion of Balsa

    Attempting to approximate quantity of resin to mix for core replacement. How much will new end-grain balsa absorb ?
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    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Does anyone actually have either of these ? What do you think of it ?
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    Deck marking

    Can anyone suggest some sort of marker for tune/trim marks on deck/lines that will: 1) last longer than several weeks in sun and weather; and 2) be cleanly removable ? A large part of the problem here is the UV levels at mile high altitudes.
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    High Tech Line Cover Failure

    I sail a 20' keelboat and have now had two cover failures. The first was a 6mm dacron/vectran spinnaker halyard that failed at a Harken 150 cleat, the cover parting and the core running thru the cleat. The second was a 4mm dacron/spectra twing line that failed in the same way at a Harken 468...