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    Interesting concept, maybe a little bit on the heavy side though. 
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    World Match Racing Tour

    Not a lot of action  here . What's up? anybody knows ? 
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    Foiling Mothquito . Not sure about the double T-rudder and the gennaker, but interesting  design overall 
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    Sleeping while Solo Sailing

    There was an article about sleeping patterns for solo sailors here in Finland. Ari Huusela is doing some collaboration with local sleep doctors. The punch line is that in 24h, it's enough to sleep for 1,5 h without interruption "to activate the brains metabolism and for removal of slime"...
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    Sailing and fitness

    So back in the days there was, and to some extent still is,  the idea that sailing isn't a sport, because it doesn't require real fitness. Obviously especially dinghy sailors knew that this wasn't really the case, although the training that was required to be an Olympic champion in the 60s...
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    2016 RORC Transatlantic Race Lanzarote-Granada Entries 2016 include Maserati, Phaedo, Maverick, Leopard, and some class 40 boats among others
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    New borderline trimaran foiler for people who find a moth "too difficult to handle" .
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    Pe'ahi Challenge 2016
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    Live from the voting booth

    Good luck :)
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    Sailor of the year

    Hannah Mills, Saskia Clark Santi Lange
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    Para World Sailing Forum - Annual Conference - Live

    Check live on youtube Para World Sailing Forum
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    PWA Hookipa beach, Maui seems to be decent waves today
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    18'ers 2016/17
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    2016 Rolex Middle Sea Race

    Notable appearances; Maserati, Phaedo, Rambler Maverick to name a few.
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    2017 Rolex Fastnet Race

    100 foot limit relaxed, so no excuses this time
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    2015 Rolex Middle Sea Race

    Maserati vs Phaedo. Could've been interesting in some other race, but in this one. I am quite sure Phaedo will win. Too unpredictable winds for the foiler and also less experience with the boat. Home waters for Soldini though
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    The best crew?

    So there's a lot of talk about foils, wings and control systems, but an interesting question IMO is how hard will these new boats actually be to sail fast around the course? How equally matched are the crews? Could some teams chose a "safer" design because they're not as skilled or is it more...
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    Interesting moth design Cool design. Certainly pushing the rules with the transom extension. Must have been class legal though, as he sailed in the UK nationals
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    Nuva Damn, can't decide which is the more annoying one in this clip, the drone or the boat
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    Ketching up with history. Boats yawl love

    So after checking out the site, I was a bit surprised to find so many open 60 yawls. It would seem counter intuitive to have many masts on a shorthanded boat. More stuff that can and will break. But on the plus side you have smaller sails, some redundancy and...