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  1. sheethead

    Off season storage

    If I'm keeping the boat dry with a dehumidifier while on the hard for the winter, why can't I keep the sails on the boat? I always pull them off and store them at home but I don't know why?
  2. sheethead

    Used sails

    What does one do with used sails? I've tried the dudes that bring them to Hati, they haven't gotten back to me. Thought about the peps that make sail bags; my sail loft can't offer any advice. I've got several old head sails and mains form an X372 with no idea what to do with them, soon they...
  3. sheethead

    Suunto D-135 Adjustment

    I need to adjust my Suunto binnacle compass to compensate for declination. The boat is 25 years old and this has never been done, it's off by around 10*. Searching the Suunto site and asking my old friend Google, I'm coming up empty handed. There are what I assume are adjustment screws on the...
  4. sheethead

    Barient 22-39ST

    I have a problem with the one of my winches, it's a Barient 22-39ST, The hub that holds the pawls on the primary gear is worn and the pawls are slipping up and jamming against the ratchet surface. No good man... I have been looking all over the interwebs for a parts source but it looks like no...
  5. sheethead

    Need crew for 2015 season- Eastern LIS

    Looking to recruit for the 2015 ECSA circuit races. Usually 1-2 races a month, roughly 12 in total for the season, depending on crew availability. Also Wednesday night beer can racing in the spring and summer if you'd like. The boat: X Yacht X372 / PHRF 100 / Crew of 7-8 / Sail out of Branford...
  6. sheethead

    LIS Buoy positions

    I have to re-enter all of the navigation aid's positions in the gps and all I have is a list from a Loran log some 20 years old... I've seen a list online before but I can't find it now. Little help?
  7. sheethead

    Crew Needed - ELIS - ECSA

    Looking for a bowman to take the spot in an active racing program in 2014. Schedule includes OSC, ECSA circuit racing (12 -14 regattas) as well as Wednesday night ATB; Able to help with transports from our port in Branford to places like Westbrook, New London and Stonington is a huge plus! The...
  8. sheethead

    Transport Weather Anarchy

    Sailflow and Windfinder says an easterly building to 24kts by 5 pm Thursday June 13. NOAA Marine forecast says 15 gusting to 20+... I have a good 8 hour transport from Branford to Stonington in fair winds and tide, not looking forward to a possible 12 hr trip...
  9. sheethead

    Hookah Diving

    Any one use a hookah setup for bottom cleaning? Tired of holding my breath and the diver guy is cutting into the beer fund. Looked at the brownie and simular with 12v oil-less compressors- I have a Senco oiless, can I use that? (kiddin, kind of...) Pros, cons, suggestions? Even thought of...
  10. sheethead

    Going back to Cali....

    Getting to escape the hell that is New England for a few days to sunny SoCal courtesy of the company. I should be there April 4 - 7, staying somwhere near the bay. I haven't been to SD since 1986! Where do i find a dinghy to sail? Good Mexican food,loose wemon, cheap drinks? Woody, help a...
  11. sheethead

    Spin guy / brace length

    How long? Same as the sheets- 2x boat length?
  12. sheethead

    Shoulder Pain Anarchy

    Like clockwork every year my shoulders start giving me serious pain a month into the sailing season. I recon it is from ginding and trimming, my shoulder tendons get a real sharp pain and I can't raise my arms over my head. Kinda sucks. Talking to other grinding afficinatos, seems like this is...
  13. sheethead

    Must do regattas in 2013

    Need to expand the schedule next year to some new venues in and around Long Island Sound. Whatcha got?
  14. sheethead

    Orion Cooker

    My boss decided we needed an Orion Cooker for our office holiday party. Apparently he saw one at a tailgate and was enthralled...ordered it on my p card and today we decided it was time to check it out. The staff meeting last week was all about this! Our first try was with full chicken wings, i...
  15. sheethead

    BIRW 2013 - Who's in?

    Thinking of adding this lovely festival of debauchery and sailing to the program next season. Been there on OPB but want to give it a go with my crew. I saw an Anarchist on the list, who else is going?
  16. sheethead

    Time to look for a new #1 jib.

    She's an old girl, 1990's vintage X-372, we got a new Dacron main last year and its past time to replace the burlap sack that we call the #1. Obviously Dacron isnt the ideal material but we have had good success with the NS dacron #2. I am inclined to go for a string laminate, but pause at the...
  17. sheethead

    Fall OSC - Who's in?

    The Off Soundings Club series races tend to be my favorites, looking forward to this fall as we have recently pulled our collective heads out of our asses on the boat. Hope to at least get a 15 min penalty for 2013! Who's going? I gotta get one of those SA burgees so people know it is happy...
  18. sheethead

    Mystic River CT approach

    Been through there once on opb, how wide /deep is the channel near the daymarker? I draw 6.5', and not sure if ill make it at high water.
  19. sheethead

    Unload your laser

    having some sellers remorse, miss my little boat... anyone in the CT area have a laser lawn ornament that's gotta go?
  20. sheethead

    How to get people to ride your sled

    I was invited to race on a sexy fast-looking boat I saw over at Spring OSC. Long story short, the Skipper was cool (not a screaming idiot) but being new to the area, hadn't locked in a crew. Mayhem ensued... one guy left to get beer, never to return; one girl decided a no call, no show was ok...