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    I wanted to start a forum on socialism/capitalism, but then I read this, there are many degrees of Socialism and Capitalism It's not a cut and dry issue, for me I would say I'm 50/50, the socialist part, Social Security, Medicare VA Benefits, The Capitalist part, stock/bonds, bank...
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    Todays GOPers SUCK

    I was born and raised a Republican; it was only the last decade I became an independent Here was the republican platform 1956, What happened? Today's GOP is all about money, power (controlling people), greed and big money from corporations, They don't give a shit about PEOPLE or even worst our...
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    Sex Education

    Thought this might be a interesting topic to start, seeing many schools at having issues with (always have) So How my present wife learned about sex education. As a little girl she wants by her parent's room and their having sex, so the next morning she ask her mother what her and daddy where...
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    Marriage ?

    If The GOP goes after "Gay" marriage is not legal. Is any marriage legal? Wouldn't it put a big question on interracial, different ethics, different religions, different cultures, marrying for money, social statues or lack of, maybe age difference and so on...
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    Jaws is pissed?

    This year/month there have been numerous, shark attacks in the US and around the world, 2 women just died in the Black Sea, many attacks on both side of Florida, North Carolina, Long Island NY and Calif just had a couple and one died in Australia. So why are the JAWS getting so pissed off, maybe...
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    rescue sailors
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    Living as an expat which country the best,

    Thinking of leaving the US, which place is the best, Considering money, safety, housing, sailing, easy of doing, medicare and VA benefits? Thinking Bahamas only 50 miles away? any thoughts?
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    Words and the GOP

    So does anyone have examples of mean less sayings people say that is total bullshit my two favorites 1-thoughts and prayers said after another mass shooting at a school 2-Thanks for your service, by cowards and draft dodgers, shit if you want to thank me, make a car/house payment or give me...
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    Lets play hide the penis ?

    What is the Obsessions with the GOP and what's between your/they legs? Is because most don't have a set , with the exception of MTG Ohio House Bans Transgender Students In Sports, Requires Genital Exams In Disputes | HuffPost Latest News
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    so it begins

    Might be another interesting season with La Nina still around? Atlantic 2-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook (
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    So what does a Sunfish doing in PA? Well A (Rich, R) she's a friend of mine, owns a sunfish that has not see the water in years, Another friend has a young son he wants to teach him to sail, I was to told to watch her dock, and boats this summer! So this woman has a house on the water in...
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    sailboat hit by Roque wave

    Sailboat crew rescued off Montauk, de masted oy of Mt Sinai NY Coast Guard crew rescues injured sailors in Long Island Sound after vessel disabled by 'rogue wave' | Fox News
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    Looking at  J24  , what to look for it's a1980?
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    Creators unveil boat designed to break world sailing speed record (
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    Mickey Mouse DTS

    GOP Lawmakers Threaten Disney On Mickey Mouse's Copyright, Citing 'Political And Sexual Agenda' ( Have the republicans totally lost it, with all the shit going on in this country and our home (earth) their worried about some rat in Orlando , are they all fucking Goofy
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    OK I had to ask; can I get arrested for wearing a Mount Gay hat in Florida?
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    taxation without representation

    This nation had a big party in Boston harbor about Taxation without representation! How if you a Minority i.e.; LGBTQ, Asian, Mexican, Native American, Black, female, Veteran  and so on, that may not apply in some states and maybe lose your right to vote or have your vote not counted, But pay...
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    The GOP is losing it? Race

    Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) said Tuesday that he believes interracial marriage should not be legal nationwide and that individual states should decide whether to allow it. “So you would be OK with the Supreme Court leaving the question of interracial marriage to the states?” reporter Dan Carden of...
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    Gas Prices

    just read this, what a fucking joke, why they just print the money out and give it to the greedy oil companies? Who already have record profits this year? Opinion: Soaring gas prices are hurting Americans. It's time for more stimulus checks - CNN Down here road traffic is congested and power...
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    some thought's  It seems to me that 2025 is the next important year.? Of course, the climate sea level, Artic will be Ice free, Thwaites Glacier collapse, Greenland glaciers melting faster which all could lead to the AMOC slowing or stopping. All of which was supposed to happen in 2100...