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  1. meanermachine

    Five Challengers confirmed and accepted

    I realise this has been posted, but since we have individual threads for teams, I thought a unified thread for challenger issues may be useful! anyway, here's RG at Sail-World No Oracle China this also...
  2. meanermachine

    A Sneek Peek at the first ETNZ AC72 Not sure if the vid will work outside of NZ, if not then im sure someone can get it onto youtube! let the speculating (or lack of) begin! The new Americas Cup AC-72 catamaran - as its dimensions...
  3. meanermachine

    CAMPER'S New Zealand Tour

    CAMPER sails on NZ tour FROM THE ETNZ WEBSITE Monday, 25 April 2011 CAMPER, the Emirates Team New Zealand yacht for the Volvo Ocean Race, sailed from Auckland today for sea trials off the east coast of New Zealand. The yacht left at noon in rain and 20knot north-easterly winds...
  4. meanermachine

    ETNZ no more?

    Sorry for posting YET ANOTHER TNZ thread, but this just appeared. looks like Emirates have backed away from title sponsorship for either just the X40 programme, or pulled out of title sponsorship alltogether. It would appear that they are still the main sponsor however... their logo is minus the...
  5. meanermachine

    A warning from NZ over the San Fran AC bid,-youve-got-mail.../78050 "Those in the country of a previous America's Cup holder, New Zealand, will also be too well aware of the dangers of the brinkmanship being played out by the Board of Supervisors.   When your bluff gets called, in...
  6. meanermachine

    First look at the AC-45

    Well ok so its not in one whole piece, but we do get to see the frames! if this was AC33 we would be having a field day! the video is here apologies if you cannot view it outside of NZ? if not we can always email TVNZ and they will probably upload it onto youtube
  7. meanermachine

    30th August 2010

    So, its D-day for GGYC and their Challenger of Record. Protocol out today... What are we going to see? Post it here Flame on
  8. meanermachine

    Grant Dalton Talks to Sail World Dalts has a chat with RG of sail world. interesting comments regarding the boats, definite preference for monos (as the AC should be). flame on with your thoughts people?
  9. meanermachine

    Post voting

    Post voting could become the new "+1", with the added ability to vote posts down! a new way to smack down trolls? if there are any left.....
  10. meanermachine

    Full 33rd AC website up and running

    the new AC wesite is here it has undergone a substantial revamp and features Rita on the front page!
  11. meanermachine

    To sailing Anarchy: Harden the F**k up. Love, Grant Dalton

    so.....     So we're having an e-mail conversation with Grant Dalton about their TP 52 and he mentions that SA is great and comments that we've gone a bit mainstream of late and hopes we're not going soft. I give him the "we're broadening our horizons" bullshit spiel and ask him if he...