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  1. Sail4beer

    Good luck in timeout, Greiner!

    9 years in the Russian hole for the hoops star. What do you think of that? Who would have thought that international narcotics trafficking could get you in trouble?
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    R Kelly having a bad 20 years

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    Kids acting like adults

    We sold our family boat To a 12 year old kid from our club last fall and the family restored it and are keeping it at our family dock for the summer. The kid got 4 of his friends to race the Wednesday night regatta and for the 2 times they’ve sailed together on the boat, they’ve finished 3rd and...
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    What sunglasses do you wear?

    I just got contact lenses and am looking to buy a good quality pair of polarized sunglasses for this season. What might you recommend?
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    What is it?

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    Spring training for Spring

    So it’s March 1st. Not really too cold, but definitely not warm. I had to get to the Marina to do some work, knowing that it’s not going to be too pleasant and I really want winter to be over. As I get outside I look down and see a telltale sign that spring is right around the corner and I got...
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    Could this be the new boatbuilding choice of the future? Researchers finally figured a way to make polymers in two dimensions and remain flat under load. Stronger than steel, yet lighter than plastic. I see promise in the marine industry. What do you think?
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    A shipping yacht for yachting
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    Who’s driving your kids bus?

    Dumb bitch took her habit on the road with a bus load of kids. Now she’s sitting in a jail cell sobering
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    Painting an old Typhoon mast and boom

    Any ideas on paint manufacturers that have a good oem look to anodized aluminum? I did see Alexseal has some products, looking for any other options. Thanks.
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    CL Missing Connections

    If you haven’t perused the Craigslist missed connections posts in the community section, you have missed some funny and definitely weird shit in your life. Take the time to check it out and you’ll have a good laugh and possibly realize that you have a secret admirer!
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    Tonga Tsunami

    Can’t get much news on vacation, but I heard there was a big volcanic eruption in Tonga. Anyone have any news?
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    Condom sales are down again’s-largest-condom.html
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    2Crazy twins DTS

    72 years young. Covid got them both
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    HTFU 1928 style

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    Nice spirit of tradition boat build

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    What age your vintage camp flag

    Who has an “ancient” burgee they’d like to share?
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    Britain says Assange is eligible for extradition to the US

    It may take a few months or longer for the legal process to play out, but it seems that he has lost his protection from prosecution by the US Government.
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    Smollet, you dumb son of a bitch

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    No smoke here no more

    New Zealand has decreed a lifetime ban on tobacco and that there will be no more tobacco sales by 2025 to people 14 and under by that date.   About time someone stood up for the next generation.