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  1. Rodrigging

    College Football 2016

    Thanks Jeff
  2. Rodrigging

    Question for the SA Gun Club

    Another vote for S&W MP Shield. I've shot the .45 and it's surprisingly stable. One of the guys at the range said it has less muzzle flip than a .40 maybe because of the muzzle velocity. Compact and knock down power.
  3. Rodrigging

    "The Party of Lincoln has become the Party of Trump"

    There's going to be a hell of a lot of howling if Trump not only loses but drags the GOP Senate candidates down with him. I wonder how quickly McConnell will try to ram through Garlands nomination if Clinton wins and the Democrats take control of the Senate? Days? Hours?
  4. Rodrigging

    Admit it. You all suspected this.

    I'll alert the media.
  5. Rodrigging

    Yeah, We Carry

    Yeah, do you carry anything that when it's presented to a jury isn't going to make them want to convict you?
  6. Rodrigging

    Should a sitting Supreme campaign for a candidate?

    If I'm not mistaken the majority of the SCOTUS campaigned and ruled for the POTUS in 2000.
  7. Rodrigging

    Scotty Moore - DTS

    Just heard this morning Scotty Moore passed away at 84. One of the earliest innovators of RnR. "Everyone wanted to be Elvis, I wanted to be Scotty Moore" ~ Keith Richards Thanks for your contribution to the music of my generation Scotty, RIP
  8. Rodrigging

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Bless you Sol
  9. Rodrigging

    PA posters who do not sail

    I found this place through the jet ski forum. My friend sardonic said there were a lot of friendly people here.
  10. Rodrigging

    I'll prolly get flicked for this

    I'm gonna have to lear to post photos one of these days. That wasn't the look I was thinking of Sol
  11. Rodrigging

    Detroit Lion Anarchy

    Fricken Possums, The potential for this team is so great but so poorly managed. If the coaching talent matched the players they would easily be contenders for the championship.
  12. Rodrigging

    I'll prolly get flicked for this

    Jessica Lange in King Kong looked so good it hurt!
  13. Rodrigging

    Bob Welch DTS

    Bummer. French Kiss was a favorite when I was in high school. When I had just got my drivers license my Mom was kind enough to let me put an 8 Track player and rear speakers in her Grand Torino. I didn't know shit about installing auto electronics and had run a hot wire from the player through...
  14. Rodrigging

    Nick Lidstrom of the Wings is going to retire

    Another number for the rafters at the Joe?
  15. Rodrigging

    Matthew Stafford

    Very cool
  16. Rodrigging

    The Great SA Diet

    Back up to 187 from 183 Took a 10 day vacation at an all inclusive place eating and drinking all day every day. I was happy to see I only gained 4 lbs. Getting back on track and shooting for 177 by the 4th of July
  17. Rodrigging

    SA relationships

    How cool is that! Congrats Guys!
  18. Rodrigging

    You will probably ignore this but...

    4/20 is approiate. Happy Birthday Clean
  19. Rodrigging

    Levon Helm

    They replayed a couple of interviews with Levon on Fresh Air today. Well worth listening to. The man was unique and talented
  20. Rodrigging

    The Great SA Diet

    183.5 Hit the wall for a while and was osilating up and down. Heading back in the right direction. I had a goal of 180 by 4/1 and running 7 miles in an hour. I should hit the weight goal a month late but the run will take a little longer, only doing just over 6 miles in an hour.