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  1. Rodrigging

    Scotty Moore - DTS

    Just heard this morning Scotty Moore passed away at 84. One of the earliest innovators of RnR. "Everyone wanted to be Elvis, I wanted to be Scotty Moore" ~ Keith Richards Thanks for your contribution to the music of my generation Scotty, RIP
  2. Rodrigging

    PA Must Read

    This was the first place I thought of when I looked at this video.
  3. Rodrigging

    Happy Birthday Elle

    Happy B-Day Lady. Hope you celebrate all the way through St Patty's day!
  4. Rodrigging


    This past week I signed up on Facebook because some old schoolmates said this was a good place to get ahold of old friends. I was wondering who uses it and if there were any good sailing groups to look into
  5. Rodrigging

    Cheney on The News Hour

    Anyone catch the interview with Cheney on The News Hour last night. I couldn't believe it, he's still talking about Iraq harboring terrorists as a reason for invading. He's still implying there were WMD's This fucker is so skilled with the "big lie" he could have been Goebbels mentor. Thank...
  6. Rodrigging

    Wanna see a guy with some big ones!

  7. Rodrigging

    Joe the Plumber endorses McCain

    McCain is looking more and more pathetic every day. He's actually holding up this douche bags endorsement like it's something special. Lemme me see Colin Powell, Joe the Plumber. Colin Powell, Joe the Plumber. Choices, choices. Who has a better informed opinion?
  8. Rodrigging

    Northern Michigan Golf

    My bride I are heading up to Petosky this week and plan to play a couple of rounds of golf. I was thinking about playing at Boyne one day but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other courses. I'm a crappy golfer and the Mrs will most likely pick up most of her shots and play best...
  9. Rodrigging

    Stupid Guitar Questions

    What are the differences between a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Fender Telecaster? What are the differencs in sound, playability, etc. We're considering buying one for a beginner and these are the ones he's interested in. Also any suggestions on a where to buy (good condition used) and what I...
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    I thought I'd share...
  11. Rodrigging

    Hold my beer while I try something
  12. Rodrigging

    Just like they drew it up

    Now this is a hook and ladder play!
  13. Rodrigging

    Morning Funny

    This cost me a keyboard.
  14. Rodrigging

    Hey Woody you out there?

    I was watching reports on the fires tonight and thought of you. We hope your safe and evereything's ok.
  15. Rodrigging

    "The Call Me Pantie"
  16. Rodrigging

    Music Download Sites

    I'm looking for a good site for downloading complete albums. I've been using Limewire but was hoping one of you 21st century cats could point me in a better direction. Cheers
  17. Rodrigging

    Etiquette question

    I have a friend that was the Commodore at his club last year and my wife and I bought him a Commodores burgee for his boat. Now that he no longer holds the position (it’s a one year term per the club rules) is it proper for him to still fly the burgee?
  18. Rodrigging

    The Godfather Movie Question

    Which brother was the edlest Sonny or Fredo? I say Fredo the Mrs says Sonny. I did a search and have found conflicting answers, hell one article on wikipedia says one thing and another says the opposite.
  19. Rodrigging

    Detroit Losing The NOOD?

    I just read this on the Toronto NOOD thread and thought this warrented more discussion. Is it true they ordered Detroit to cough uo $40K or say buh bye?
  20. Rodrigging

    What happened to the PHRF geting tough thread?

    Just wondering.