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  1. Ron Swanson

    This crossed my bow this morning, thought I would share:  If the 2024 Olympics pick an affordable boat for the long term, this could be interesting.  
  2. Ron Swanson

    Lightning Strike Mitigation

    Jeff Thayer has the best discussion I've heard about lightning: Since you have an hour to kill... go buy some aluminum foil... ...but don't feel smug in your expensive aluminum yacht. And you might show some love for 59-north.
  3. Ron Swanson

    Singlehanding My Wally 100

    Just a couple of questions: Who is flying the drone? How many guys are hanging out down below? How do I get a custom sail number? Is this more fun than sailing a Laser?
  4. Ron Swanson

    Movie about a Solo Sailor Who Gets Trapped in the Head

    Robert Redford move aside. How did I miss this? Pretty much the story every time I take my boat out. ...and yeah because you are quarantined and bored.
  5. Ron Swanson

    Ken Read Sees the Light

    Ken Read on shorthanded sailing,
  6. Ron Swanson

    DC - DC Converter

    HI Gang, NKE strongly recommends a separate battery for the Gyropilot + autopilot ram. I assume this is to isolate it from high loads elsewhere causing voltage fluctuations and resultant crash-gybes. Just what you need when you start your engine. Barring a separate battery, they recommend a...
  7. Ron Swanson

    Nowhere to Hide

    In case you want to, fuggetaboudit. This crossed my desk this morning. Inevitable, I guess. Emphasis added. 100% situational awareness, for the good guys only I assume...
  8. Ron Swanson

    AIS: Class A or Class B?

    Some weekend pondering...looking for input from the smart guys that lurk around here.... Scenario: Fitting out a singlehanded Open 50 on the open ocean, no AIS of any kind currently onboard. When out of traffic areas, my pattern is to set the timer for 60 minutes between checks, unless my 6th...
  9. Ron Swanson


    So, I ran across this the other day: Navigatrix Never heard of it, so was surprised to learn it's been around and being developed for years. It's an entire linux based package that you can put on a USB stick or SD card & boot from into Linux from your Windows machine. These Some of the...
  10. Ron Swanson

    Sailing the Arctic Race New York - Victoria "Volcanic" fiber yachts? I'm trying to decide if this is a joke. Seems like they are getting ahead of themselves. Weren't icebreakers required to get through the last 2 years?
  11. Ron Swanson

    USCG Proposal to Discontinue Catalina Island (& other Island) Nav

    From the USCG: CHANNEL ISLANDS-ATON DISCONTINUANCE The U.S. Coast Guard is proposing to discontinue the following AtoN: Santa Barbara Island Light (2675) Santa Catalina Island West End Light (2670) Ship Rock Light (2635) Catalina Harbor Light (2630) Long Point Light (2625) Santa Catalina...
  12. Ron Swanson

    PSSA's 2014 Guadalupe Island Race - Get Ready!

    Need a little more out of life? Next March 14, a group of single and double handed skippers will leave Marina Del Rey, leave Guadalupe Island to Port and finish at the East End of Catalina near Avalon. This is a 600 mile, Category 1 event, and acts as a qualifier for the Single Handed Transpac...
  13. Ron Swanson

    Vang Me

    Old vang blew up on the Ship Rock Race over the weekend. Better the vang than the boom, I guess. I don't have a good sense of what to replace it with. Fine tune worth the trouble? Rings? Rigid? Tartan Ten, shorthanded distance racing.
  14. Ron Swanson

    Guadalupe Island Race

    Hey Folks, Need a sense if accomplishment? PSSA's Guadalupe Island Race starts Friday, March 9. Slacker is in, attempting to finish again! For info on the race, visit . A rough video account of Slacker's 2010 Race here...
  15. Ron Swanson

    Raymarine X-5 Autopilot vs X-5 GP

    My tiller arm gave up the ghost after 18 months on a 7,000 lb boat. Yes, I know. I should have bought an NKE system, but we're talking about a T-Ten here. I can replace the tiller arm for $700, or upgrade via the GP "Corepack" for $1800. I'm being told the GP arm needs the upgraded computer...
  16. Ron Swanson

    What size headsail for Racing with rollerfurling?

    Hi gang, I need some advice. I'm racing a Tartan Ten singlehanded PHRF in So Cal and have opted to move from hanks to rollerfurling for simplicity & safety. I need new sails, and am conflicted about what size jib to get. A 150 would be nice for the prevalent light stuff, but the wind does...