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  1. tweaker

    Chicago to Mac race

    West coast guy looking for last minute ride for the Chicago - Mac race. Looking to check off this race on my bucket list and meet some new sailing friends and have a blast.I realize it is last minute so I am not picky at this point. I have 50,000 ocean racing miles of experience on the west...
  2. tweaker

    Quad copter video

    My brother Kurt Roll has been using his quad copter to record video of regattas etc. check out this YouTube video of whale watching here in San Diego. It's not with out hazards as he has lost one copter over water already. He's has some other cool videos on you tubes also.
  3. tweaker

    New Columbia 32

    So Yesterday was a big day for the New Columbia 32, it debued in the Islands race and due to light winds it DNFed along with a lot of other boats. Inquiring minds want to know a race report and impressions about the boat? Hey Vince what are your thoughts about the boat in actual racing...
  4. tweaker

    2 for 2

    Congrats on 1st in class 2 weeks in a row. It a shame you got beat by that slacker DC for overall. It again shows what a great boat the tiger is when well sailed. Did you get 2 overall?
  5. tweaker

    DH Transpac

    So class 6 is away and the ED is giving props to his boys on Relentless the ID35. That would seem the the boat to beat, but I gotta back my dudes on Bloodhound a Hobie 33. The ID 35 's have done well in this race DH and so have Hobie 33's. Relentless got off to a good start, but I think they...
  6. tweaker

    Ed's Famous Again

    Didn't see the other 2 posts, too far down. So even Bill Center the local Sailing reporter gives the ED props. Check it out.
  7. tweaker

    5 to go on front page

    So is that his girl friend ready to be unwrapped for later on the rail? or maybe his wife who said he couldn't go on the race?
  8. tweaker

    Thoughts on Key West Regatta by Harry Pattison

    Harry P. I have been racing a bit on a Henderson 30 and I like to trim main. The conditions here in SD are mostly light to Moderate and we don't change the tune of the rig at ALL. I know this is one of our weaknesses. When the wind goes up I know we don't have the rig set up right. I want to...
  9. tweaker

    weather and Sydney-Hobart

    My Aussie Mates help a San Diego Anarchrist out. I haven't done a Hobart race yet, but it's on my list of races to do. So I have been studying the weather down under right now, preceding the race, so as to get a feel on how the systems of lows, etc. move through the racing area. Just in case I...