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  1. hard aground

    Meme Anarchy

    Can't be too bad, the A Team hasn't shown up yet.
  2. hard aground

    USFL ... Why?

    something else to bet on?
  3. hard aground

    Laser 28 ... or alternative?

    Tripp 26?
  4. hard aground

    Gilbert Gottfried, DTS

    Yoko Ono?
  5. hard aground

    Meme Anarchy

    Have to admit I was surprised last summer when I came across a group of kids playing a game of toad cricket.  ALso the kids in that meme are playing the wrong game
  6. hard aground

    Meme Anarchy

    Could decide to be an author....
  7. hard aground

    Just bought a damaged boat at auction!

    If it was invented to you suppose anyone would buy an ice-taker-awayer?
  8. hard aground

    Statlink now available for mobile use... At 500$ a month

    I also thought that the units were country specific, if you bought in Canada it wouldn't work in the US or vice versa.
  9. hard aground

    Meme Anarchy

    Parental units still have the fridge they bought back in the early 60's. Sits quietly in the basement, just chillin'.
  10. hard aground

    Editor sold out.

    or you find you don't have the towung capacity because the bed is full of sash weights
  11. hard aground

    The Real Jack Reacher finally on film!!!

    Arnold back in his Conan days probably could have made a go of it. Of course Reacher didn't exist back then.
  12. hard aground

    Canadian Truck Driver Anarchy

    Especially if Fidel was his dad.
  13. hard aground

    NFL 2021

    The possible third one was won a Heisman as well, the other two didn't do that.
  14. hard aground

    Meme Anarchy

    Interesting race. You don't generally hear alot about sails from Bermuda to Oahu.
  15. hard aground

    NFL 2021

    I doubt he will ever have to pay for a drink in Cincinatti again
  16. hard aground

    NFL 2021

    Well not decided, but tied up - and the kick was with :03 on the clock. Pretty unlikely.
  17. hard aground

    NFL 2021

    All three games this wekend so far have been decided by a field goal kicked with :04 on the clock what's the odds that can happen a fourth time.
  18. hard aground

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    One of the assholes that previously owned our boat mounted the galley sink with 5200. They used lots of it too.
  19. hard aground

    Dead Pool 2022

    Vladimir Putin Elton John Clint Eastwood