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  1. hard aground

    What is it?

    The folks at Good Old Boat have this posted and are trying to figure out what it is. I figured this lot would have it pretty quick....
  2. hard aground

    The next project boat

    So.... I'm in the process of becoming the owner of a 1972 C&C 35. The good is that the topsides and deck have been done in the last 10ish years. The sail inventory is also pretty decent. Also included a hard bottom hypalon dinghy with a Nissan 9.8. The not so good is the present owner I...
  3. hard aground

    need some fridge electrical help.

    So here's what's going on. Boat has a small danfoss compressor and for the most part the fridge runs well. The problem is that when it's running you can't transmit on the vhf, recieve works fine. Also you can hear it running over the stereo speakers. What I have found so far is when the...
  4. hard aground

    Buy an Ad!!

    Possibly fantastic ideas like this will actually inspire people to do that. we may be looking at you Mark. :lol: :lol:
  5. hard aground

    Shortening a long shaft outboard

    So. I have a 3.5 Tohatsu with a 25" shaft. It was purchased for and used on a previous sailboat. The present boat is IB diesel. On holidays we used the 3.5 on the dinghy. It worked okay, but there was definate torqueing on the transom. And some excellent weed collection.......... Looking at...
  6. hard aground

    It's Elle's Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday miss. And some partially unwrapped gifts:
  7. hard aground

    Sperrys on sale
  8. hard aground

    Is there going to be a new Stig?

    Hopefully Michael pulls through okay.
  9. hard aground

    more pussification

    They build a hotel out of ice. Apparently it needs to have fire extinguishers.
  10. hard aground

    Henderson manual bilge pump

    So, I have one of these, the mk iii version, that has aquired a hole and thus doesn't operate. Was hoping to find a source for a rebuild kit ideally in Canada or worst case somewhere in north america. The internet hasn't yet helped me find one so I'm here asking for help. Anybody know where I...
  11. hard aground

    Stupid furler

    So, I could have posted this in Fix it Land but I think I like you guys better....... I have an older Hood furler on the boat, '71 27 C&C. Not sure what model it is. Looks like this: This season it has been taken to not unrolling easily. Usually it will leave a half dozen rolls on the...
  12. hard aground

    Heads up Nautigirl!!

  13. hard aground

    Early spring project #1???

    So I decided to not replace with a PSS unit, perhaps in the future that may change. This is my first inboard motored boat and thus the first time I'm about to re-pack. I've read Maine Sail's article and feel moderately to very confident on the actual completion of the project. I do have 1...
  14. hard aground

    Holidaying in Honduras

    Thinking of possibly going to Roatan in February for a weekish for some holidays and was wondering if any of you fine folks have made the trip and have any reviews or recommendations. Just as a FYI I don't dive so scuba recommendations aren't required. Thanks,
  15. hard aground

    NHL 2012 - 2013

  16. hard aground

    Euro 2012

    First match done, Poland and Greece draw at ones. Eventual champs play tomorrow afternoon vs. Denmark.
  17. hard aground

    Patrice O'neal

    rest in peace big man
  18. hard aground

    It's almost over again....

    maybe death by women?
  19. hard aground

    Which one of you

  20. hard aground

    iPhone becomes even more valuable