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  1. Max Rockatansky

    Banned Innovations in Sail Racing

    When Herreshoff brought his catamaran AMARYLLIS out to play and kicked everyone's ass, the Establishment then outlawed multihulls
  2. Max Rockatansky

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    I dunno, the midwesterners and californians are right up there for that, and "local" developers are complicit as well. f'rinstance:
  3. Max Rockatansky

    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    You make this as a joke, but one year I was on RC for a beach catamaran race held in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The start horn failed, and the owner of the RC boat brought out a marinized 30.06 which he fired into the water at the appropriate times. The racers were apprised not only by the...
  4. Max Rockatansky

    Don't MoveTo Florida

  5. Max Rockatansky

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    Write to them and ask? Info at glowfastmarine dot com
  6. Max Rockatansky

    AutoPilot loses its mind when going under bridges.

    It's probably a way of telling you that 'it's not a good idea to autopilot under a bridge.'
  7. Max Rockatansky

    C-Map for iPhone?

    Would someone please direct me to an actual tutorial for C-Map for iPhone? All I seem to find is promotional shit Thanks in advance
  8. Max Rockatansky

    Open Cell Foam for Cockpit Cushions

    A good quality closed cell foam lasts for many years. I’ve got a set that came with the boat in 2012.
  9. Max Rockatansky

    Here comes the sun

    Sometimes you're leaving and watching the land pass away. Last look, Berries
  10. Max Rockatansky

    Fabric for cabin cushions

    People, do wash your cushion covers regularly. It is very unlikely that there is a fabric that could not go in the washer. The only caveats are: you most likely don't want to use hot water, don't want to throw them in the dryer, and probably can't use bleach. I always zip the covers back closed...
  11. Max Rockatansky

    Fabric for cabin cushions

    wow @CriticalPath excellent stripe matching, and I expect y'all left some cloth on the floor to achieve that
  12. Max Rockatansky

    Fabric for cabin cushions

    OP had what sounded like Ultrasuede Sunbrella Furniture Fabric is another good option. Lighter hand, more chafe resistant. Durable. I had it on my cushions 9 years and just wanted a change; the fabric was doing fine ps. Trivantage is a wholesaler. Glen Raven is the parent company of Sunbrella.
  13. Max Rockatansky

    Shoutout to GoPower

    I have flexible solar panels because weight. I have been using four 100W GoPower SolarFlex panels, mounted on my bimini. They have been good panels WRT power, but as it will happen with plastic things in sub 30 latitude, they get cloudy but also they have a bit of delamination So I have, for...
  14. Max Rockatansky

    catamarans with all accomondations on the bridgedeck - reusing ex racers/daycharter

    I would have sworn I saw Green Flash or very similar in Venice FL, was at a house on the west side of the ICW just north of the Hatchett Bridg. been a few years though
  15. Max Rockatansky

    Please go save this boat

    FYI, I don’t know the guy who owns this boat now. But I did know the boat from a prior owner. The history after my friend seems to be an attempted refit, lost interest, sold to the present owner (@50k) who has kind of fixed it up and is now selling it. there were actually only 6 Catana 40S...
  16. Max Rockatansky

    Anchor Geekdom

    I wrote this to Steve: “Apr 3, 2022 Wanted to report on the first shift test of the Excel. So we are at our weekend anchorage, which is a bit north of where the Manson had the drag event that I have recounted in your thread. This spot is north, a little west, and in a deepish hole that seems...
  17. Max Rockatansky

    never fuckin' mind

    Well, since I started this here thread, why do you feel the need to try to dictate what goes in it? I LIKE looking at Lauren Bacall; that quote is not anything as good without watching her say it
  18. Max Rockatansky

    UV Protection Below a Deck Hatch

    Lots of options: Canvas hatch covers TBG recommend 'Outland' hatch covers Perforated bus window cover ()
  19. Max Rockatansky

    Food, fixes and notes from the casual coastal sailor.

    Every time we see these things, which down here is pretty frequently, we make jokes about the "Disco Volante"