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    Looking for a rudder

    In need of a transom hung rudder (something like a J24 rudder would do) to use as a blade for an emergency rudder on an SC27 for the SHTP. If anybody has one or has any idea where to find/beg/borrow/steal or otherwise procure somtheing of suck ilk in the San Francisco area I'd be grateful for...
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    Perfection over interprotect 2000e

    So, after far too long repairing the SC27 rudder (minor core replacement, sealing the post entry from future ingress, fix the damage done by the exploratory surgery) I finished getting a sufficient number of coats of interprotect 200e on teh thing and sanded smooth. Looks great. When I went to...
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    Made in Santa Cruz Race Week

    Just ran across this while reading the latest from Skip about his recent adventures in the new Wildflower. Could be a good time and a good reason to get stuck floating around off of Davenport at sunset during one of the feeder races.
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    L'Hydroptere in SF

    Pretty rare that I spot something on Latitude before I find it on here: I wonder how long the run up from down South took in that rig.
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    Aground at the Farallones

    Just heard on the tv news that a oat was on the rocks at the FarallonesJust. Reported one lost life several missing. Coast Guard rescue in process. Anybody have any news? I know the crewed FarallonesJust race was today.
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    Antique Awlgrip

    I'm probably out of luck here but thought I'd ask the wisdom of fix it. Was going to touch up a few scratches on the boat this weekend and when I got the two glass jars of paint (given after the boat was painted about 12 years ago) the color part was still liquid but had "settled" some. (i.e...
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    B. Dinius regatta proposal

    I originally posted this in the "Sailor Charged in Clear Lake..." thread but it was generating traffic that was clouding the following of twits from the trial. So, it has been moved here. Since we're in recess...Anybody have any thoughts on whether putting together some kind of fund raising...
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    beg, borow, rent an inflatable dingy

    Dong the SSS Half Moon Bay race on Saturday and may end up needing to anchor or moor (I'll probably anchor if it comes to that, it's free) if there are no guest slips available. However, since my ability to walk on water has yet to manifest I'm looking for a an inflatable dingy to beg, borrow or...
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    Did ML slow down for the photo op??

    This is just too picture perfect. Was it really chance or was some velocity adjustment made?? Still a great shot. The only thing that could make it better would be if the water-bug photo boat that followed them across was in the shot. ML at Diamond head
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    Nutter starts raft trip to China

    From the news last night. I would start a pool for date of failure but I'm not sure his contraption will even make it to the gate so what's the point. Raft to China The things people do...
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    Visiting Hawaii (the Big Islance) any sailing opps?

    Short notice I know but I'll be visiting Hawaii next week (staying in Kona Wendesday through Monday) and would love to land a beer can crew spot or something while I'm there. So, if anybody knows of anything I'd love to hear about it.
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    impossible eye splice in 1/4" yale light

    I think I'm getting weak and/or stupid in my advanced years. Tried to put an eyesplice in some 1/4" Yale light doublebraid last night. (It's a replacement for a very old and worn foreguy.) I had a really tough time extracting the core from the cover but got that done okay and everything was fine...
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    Need a surveyor for insurance policy

    I need to find a decent (and reasonable) surveyor so I can get the boat insured. Current coverage is a rider on the homeowner's policy but they will not cover racing. I have a quote but it requires a survey before they will write the policy. The catch is I need this insurance to be in place...
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    Trailer Repair Work

    Does anybody know of a good trailer repair shop in the SF bay area (preferably near Alameda where the boat is kept but I can drag the trailer a bit for good work at a fair price). I am going to need to have a few things looked at (bearings, brakes, and the bent axle mount) before I drag the...
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    "The groove" knot meter

    Does anyone remember "The Groove" (a pitot-tube type of knot meter sensor) that was marketed a few years ago as a replacement for paddle wheel type knot meter sensors? Seemed like a clever idea but then just sort of disappeared. Was the thing a flop? Did it flat out not work? Were there...