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  1. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, except bears.

    Ok so you hear that bears wont eat you if they think you are dead already. So that makes it sound like at the sight of a bear, you can drop to the ground and pretend to be dead and you will be safe. Im thinking that the bear wont be that stupid. He sees you standing there, then he sees you...
  2. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Sports Boat on Foils

    Okay so theyve perfected foils on cats, and foils on the international moth class. How long now before we see a two or three handed moth style simplified sportsboat ? The devaluation of the pre-foil moth hulls would be chump change compared to the devaluation of a non foiling sportsboat...
  3. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    How to avoid huge ships Read the customer reviews. Funny as a fit, and compulsory reading for Weed Stowers.
  4. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    SA finally inserts automatic apology for Bull Gator's posts...

    Bull Gator: So since July 2011, anyone who hovers over Bull Gator's name is shown a comment in which he apologises for posting without adequate thought, and in which he begs to try and cover it up. An unintentional programming error, or with 25,880 posts of crap, is it SA's way of saying since...
  5. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Christmas during a depression

    Ok so its the friday before xmas, and as is usual with an employer who wants to give you bad news, they tell you on the friday afternoon, that the State economy is so bad that they are going to lay off large numbers of people in your business. And then you come home, and your wife, who works in...
  6. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    When she said this, I should have heard alarm bells ringing...

    She said: "Äre your children coming this weekend ? If so, I think I will take my boys to the park. Your children always pick on mine.... Id rather they didnt come..."
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    an oldie but a goodie
  8. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Landlord Anarchy

    So after taking pity on this guy who was on disability support pension, and accepting a telephone reference, we let this guy occupy our fully furnished flat. Within a week he complains the washing machine is broken, so we buy the flat a brand new one. He pays rent for the first week, promising...
  9. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Higher Education Contribution Schemes

    Ok so you've reached the mid life crisis point, and decided you need to get upgrade your education so that you will have enough to retire on by the time you are 65. So you start a degree, and get three quarters through, and suddenly the university discovers it can make squillions by removing...
  10. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Structural failure of keels

    After watching the Rambler 100 video and noticing what appeared to be a broken I beam keel, I googled twisting I beam failure and came across this really good work on the reasons why I beams fail under twisting loads. It seems pretty old and established engineering principles, and easily...
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    Structural failure of keels

  12. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Not so Freeway Anarchy

    sitting in a traffic jam coming home tonight, and finally got to the head of the queue to find its an idiot broken down in the centre lane, just sitting there with her doors locked, using her mobile phone to call for roadside assistance while trying to ignore the crowd of people around her car...
  13. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Heron Anarchy

    So I bought a second hand heron for $250 with two rigs and a trailer..... Now to get some fun out of sailing again.... Back to basics... This guy is unbelievable. He deserves a medal for reflecting the true sailing spirit. check out his website. he...
  14. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    The Death of Sailing in Adelaide

    How many sailing boats at the spectacular 50th Adelaide Boatshow ? Ask Hobiecats Australasia....... the only one there... And oh yes, YASA is there with their hands out for affiliation membership and oh yes, the Cruising Yacht club looking for members... No dinghies. No trailer sailers. No...
  15. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Love Affair

    Yeah, that type of image still just chokes me up. I had an ex who behaved and looked at me the same way. We had 2 kids together. Two years later, she's at me to sell the boat, and six years later she's demanding that if I dont give her the house, I would never get to see my kids again...
  16. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Equipment I wished I still had....

    Can you guess what this is, and where it is located ? (click on the photo for more information)
  17. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    Equipment I wished I still had....

    Can you guess what this is, and where it is located ?
  18. Timmys_Trick_Turkey

    sailing in a burkah

    Ive tried various sun avoiding techniques, but the burkah takes the cake. but the trouble is, when your ships cat looks that fetching, you need precautions to keep sea dawgs at bay...
  19. Timmys_Trick_Turkey


    Japan has started dumping more than 10,000 tonnes of radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific. (beaches). Experts advise it will take 50 to 100 years of sea water cooling of the 10,000 spent fuel rods. Anyone Fancy sailing through that ?