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  1. btbotfa

    espo is a dick

    you did fine work there John, congratulations!
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    YRALIS PHRF minutes

     [email protected] is the correct email address
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    YRALIS Regatta Returning to RYC

    Thanks for the pics! Hope today's breeze holds and  is as nice as yesterday turned out--115 boats in this regatta, most ever. Have fun out there, see you at the party!
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    BIRW 2017

    June 27, 2017   Dear Fellow YRALIS Competitors,   Although we feel the regulation posted on the YRALIS website and printed in the YRALIS yearbook is very clear, it has come to our attention that there still is some confusion over eligibility for a PHRF Roller Furling Credit. The regulation...
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    that time of the month

    ALPHABET SOUP OR HOW I HAVE COME TO APPRECIATE PHRF By Dr. Thompson and R. Steadman esq. Anyone who has had the pleasure to race sailboats has also been subject to a cycle of promise eroding to disappointment or outright disdain for a plethora of rating rules. Those of us having been...
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    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    It's the same three or four voices out of 1000 members throwing sand in their sandbox-same voices for all the years here on SA and same little backwater bay been shit-stirring for decades. Once mildly amusing but now perceived by most as being out of touch and nattering nabobs of negativism...
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    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Not sure why there is this gross misconception that the YRALIS PHRF Committee members are non-racers-a few folks on here seem to think that their little bay or harbor is the cynosure of Long Island Sound racing-I beg to differ-the purview of the YRALIS extends from New York Harbor, part way up...
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    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    they should be under the phrf committee meeting minutes heading but due to their late posting, figured front and center on the first page
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    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    been on the front page since sunday......
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    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Thanks Snag, works for me! and PHRF committee chair apologizes, his fault in not forwarding minutes from Oct. and Nov. meetings-secretary out on Friday so will get them up tmw--the committee have been on recess since then-kind of like congress taking a long vacation!!! -first meeting of the new...
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    Butch Trucks DTS

    Just watched the Dan Rather Big Interview last night with Greg....who, remarkably, got sober and clean twenty years ago and is in great shape. Seminal American band-Watkins Glen, Allmans, Band, Dead,,,,possibly music Nirvana, but there were too many damn people to really enjoy it!
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    Vendee Globe 2016?

    that is pretty brilliant-thanks for making this great race even greater
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    NTSB releases transcript of El Faro sinking

    Harrowing and horrible.....
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    A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma......

    Snag, you could be the YRA financial advisor but only if u have worked at Goldman Sachs
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    A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma......

    Lol, that is some convoluted something there, not sure I follow the who was subject to what rule when, but bottom line, it all started in the swamps of EBYRA and one can only hope that it slinks back into the muck and disappears. Looking forward to taking applications for the new Rule 92...
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    Deviation Anarchy

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    A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma......

    balls entertainingly busted-it is those at the top of the pyramid that get to climb over the broken bodies of the downtrodden and oppressed. #maketheSoundgreatagain
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    Manhasset Fall Series

    That's a great idea Crush. Like an end of season Edlu. Talk to your pals over there at MBYC.
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    AYC Fall Series 2016

    Strange interpretation of the process-self-policing sport-competitors are to protest, or choose not to protest,each other if they see an infraction of rules, any rules, on the race course-it then goes to the protest committee of the respective event-and moves up the ladder from there through an...
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    AYC Fall Series 2016

    More than half of them were out there last weekend-you will see a few of them today....give a wave and thank them for their hard volunteer work on your behalf.