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  1. canstead

    Retirement planning - how much does it cost!

    So, I know a bunch of you are raising your eyebrows, digging out your pieces of string, looking for old threads that I really should have done a search for, but none the less.... ...My financial advisor is asking me how much I need to put into the spreadsheet for my future cruising plans.  In...
  2. canstead

    Electric propulsion and OSR

    So, purely in my imaginative world where I'm about to order a 30ish footer, can I spec a 48v electric propulsion system, and still qualify cat 3 compliant? How much amps do I need to meet the 1.8 x √LWL for 8 hours on sometging like a j88 or similar. It would be lovely to be silent and reliable!
  3. canstead

    Is J getting left behind?

    So I spent today at the London boat show, which in itself was pretty uninspiring! I had a look around the J88, J11s and J112e The J88 is a great looking boat, it's got me written all over it concept wise. Th J11s looked good, but too compromised in concept. It felt like it needed to be...
  4. canstead


    Just spotted this listed as appreading at the Southampton show in UK. Appears its a J111 with tiller and twin rudders, different deck and interior layout with smaller sailplan, configured for short handing. That's gone under the radar a bit!
  5. canstead

    Problems with a c-map dongle

    A buddy of mine has recently invested (much) in a tough book and expedition, to great success. There's one issue though. The tough book is only truly tough with the Usb doors closed. However the c-maps they've given him require a USB dongle. So with that hanging out there it just becomes a...
  6. canstead

    Need help/info on New Caledonia and Vanuatu

    We're planning a cruise around New Caledonia and Vanuatu in July 2015, and looking for information. I've found the cruising guides you can purchase of the net for couple of hundred dollars - I was wondering if the forum had anything else useful Thanks
  7. canstead

    For all those not doing Bart's Nash

    So the bloke who thought of this, Tony Bishop was my Best Man, and I was his, so I'm feeling a bit proud of the old bloke... if like me you can't compete, how about making up for it by dropping $£5 on his son James, who is hopefully a bit better at sailing than his old man...
  8. canstead

    8 month old kid on a boat

    This is about to be the most fascinating thread on SA! Ok, so 1) I'm a racer not a cruiser, and 2) I don't have kids. I've got my little Nephew coming for Christmas with his mum and dad, and wanting to know if it's practical to head out for an overnighter in a friends boat. It's sheltered...
  9. canstead

    Inshore/Offshore Racing Smock

    I need to renew my heavy weather gear. I'm a big fan of minimum bulk, lightweight gear, relying on proper sealing and undergarments to stay warm, hence Smock. However I do appreciate you need a proper hood. Majority of use is going to be in poor weather buoy and inshore racing, however don't...
  10. canstead

    Heading out to Brisbane

    So my work is relocating me to Brisbane from blighty, and I'm up for getting some yacht racing in? I could even fancy a Sydney Hobart. Any ideas of best way to go about catching a decent ride?
  11. canstead

    New electronic setup

    OK So I'm helping a friend get a new boat up and running (new or second, not sure yet). But will be 30-35 footer. In order to figure out upfront costs etc. we need to spec the boat contents. The boat is going to be used for Solent racing, RORC offshores possibly including Fastnet. So here's...
  12. canstead

    What little Fastnet boat?

    OK, so trash talking in the pub recently, and one of the locals took me up on my 'if you really want to buy a boat and go round the world, you better learn how to sail properly, and the best way to do that is go racing' line. So come this winter he wants to put GBP60k down on a boat which will...
  13. canstead

    Alfa Romeo wins line honours at Giraglia

    Just read they won line honours by 80 miles. No other big boats turned up. WHat the f**k is the point? I'm going to spend 3 mill on penis enlargement, then go win all the biggest dick competitions.
  14. canstead

    Carbon question

    OK. I need to make up a little part, a camera mount to be precise. The shape I'm after is like a swan neck tube. Here's the plan. I've made the shape up from modelling clay, covered in cling film for removal afterwards. I intend spiral wrapping in a single long thin sheet of carbon and...
  15. canstead

    Coming to NZ

    As part of our world tour, the wife and I are heading to NZ in just over a month, and haven´t been for a sail since we left the UK a few months back. Any chance of showing some solent racers how it´s done in NZ? Or know of anyone else out there who might? We´re in Auckland at the start of...
  16. canstead

    More photos please

    I can´t believe you lot are sitting on all this! Do some public service. Will someone please do a proper photo survey of the boat and post the bloody things. Lets get looks at the nice bits and nasty bits, from the point of view of someone who might think of owning one. What does the...
  17. canstead

    Fatima goes Global

    Ok, it´s all about me again this one! The Wife and I are on a 6 month trip round the world, and just landed in Buenos Aires. And there just happens to be a small yacht club, with some big boats! Anyone know anyone who knows anyone? Later instalments to include Auckland, Wellington, Perth...
  18. canstead

    Need a new Single Hander

    OK here's the thing, and I apologise that this thread is all about me! A few mates and I are fed up. For years we raced Laser 4000s around uk and a bit of Europe, and had a riot. We've all dabbled in a few other boats including SB3s (good but a bit knitted jumper) RS200s (dull) some 49ers...
  19. canstead

    Benefit viewpoint from Ericcson

    The Daily Sail is running a very good interview with global marketing head for Ericcson. Interestingly he talks only about benefit of Client meetings, and by clients he means business level not consumer. Ericcson have been karting round a huge entertainments building, and the number of client...
  20. canstead


    Is it me or is this forum disolving into a shit fest! There's a few things that need to get sorted: 1. Trolls and/or Vancoal. Right, take a step back. Here's what happened. Vancoal asked about the weight. Mr Perry said that that isn't a priority right now, getting the boat working was...