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    Sta lock for re rigging

    I have an older Cape Dory Typhoon and the shrouds have stretched to the point where I cannot tighten the turnbuckles any more. I cannot get a rigger to come for such a small job and would like to shorten the rigging while in place with mast up. Looking at some videos it seems I could cut the...
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    York river sailing vs Rappahannock River sailing

    I currently sail on the York River in Virginia, but am thinking of moving the boat to the Southern shore of the Rappahannok River (Urbanna ).  Anyone have thoughts on the quality of sailing comparison including wind, current, boating traffic and anything else one can think of ?
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    need advice on cruising the Chesapeake Bay from Solomons or Deltaville-

    I hope to charter a sailboat either in Deltaville or Solomons this October for a 3-4 day cruise. I have cruised Southern New England, but the Chesapeake is new to me.  Any advice re itineraries, "must see" places and "stay away" places would be appreciated.
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    how to fix splayed mast track

    I recently purchase a Cape Dory Typhoon. About a foot above the entry point for the mainsail slugs is a 2-3 inch area in the luff groove that is splayed so that the slugs come out. I can put a sail stop at this point, but this will not allow me to reef and the stopper keeps coming loose.  Is...
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    mast vang attachment for 19 " Typhoon

    I plan on installing a boom vang and a boom kicker on my 19' Cape Dory Typhoon. Trying to minimize cost (rigger)and drilling the mast.  Thinking of using a stainless steel sail slug at the bottom of the mast (deck stepped) held in place by the boom kicker attachment . Any thoughts. 
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    Virginia Beach

    Will soon be moving to Virginia Beach. Any information re sailing on the available facilities,  Bay and rivers in that area would be appreciated.
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    daysailer rental hampton roads, virginia

    Does anyone know of a good place to rent a daysailer (18-28 feet) for a few hours in the Hampton Roads region of VA ? I found a place that rents out J70's- a definite possibility as I sailed a J80 for many years, but I am older now and would like something a little more  elder friendly.
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    New Plymouth or Wellington NZ

    Anyone need crew for day sailing or low key racing in Wellington or New Plymouth. And/or anyone know of a 16-24foot day sailor ?I can rent/lease