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    What boat is this?

    Sure is pretty.
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    Unlicensed Calif yacht broker-what now?

    That's why he was able to manage it so well?
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    SC50 Chasch Mer Auction 7/16

    If...I were not still working, did not have ailing parents to support etc. etc., and there were no huge structural issues found that might be my perfect 200K project boat, sigh...
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    Installing G10 backer plates.

    You may need an old-school charger for this trick. Most modern chargers will not deliver any current until / unless they sense a certain level of voltage in the intended target (the battery). It's a safety feature...
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    Call me Ishmael - a test to see if the 10,000 character limit has been relaxed

    That about sums it up. Reminds me of the best "book report" ever created on Don Quixote, Kafka's "The Truth about Sancho Panza"
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    Odd Sailboat News

    Why are you so mean to dick heads as to include them in the same sentence as...?
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    New Terms and Rules, are we fucked?

    With rules like that the site name is no longer even close to appropriate (if it ever was). And yes, we are fucked. But this just might be the best development for Scuttlebutt et al. to come along in the past decade...
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    Banned Innovations in Sail Racing

    Hey, if you want the full retro misery ya gotta get clammy!
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    God Save the Queen (From the Front Page)

    Fuck'n royals, meh. We have the Kardashians. But I could not care less about either.  Although the OP's phrase "...value of a monarch..." sure as shit made me laugh.
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    Help: What is This Boat?

    Baring any unknown structural issues that is a great looking little trailer-sailor for $300!
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    Crazy Atlantic Crossing

    Or George Sigler (Experiment in Survival). But that wasn't solo...I think. Been some circuits since I read that crazy story.
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    Crazy Atlantic Crossing

    Maybe, but he's not dead yet. The Darwin comment had me contemplating how such endeavors would affect reproduction...then I pondered old sayings like "if she can't stand up in it, she won't lay down in it" and then I realized we are safe as there is not room enough in that metal coffin (at...
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    Crazy Atlantic Crossing

    He will need to be met with one of those nuclear decontamination showers. What's next, someone crafts a way to attach a sail to to a PFD, adds the appropriate amount of lead to their boots and sets off? And how do you calculate the appropriate amount of boot-lead to accommodate weight loss...
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    Surfing a Catalina 27

    That thing surfs backwards pretty f'ing well!
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    What caused the leak in the new hull?

    Interesting policy to which I would say "fuck you very much" and take my $$ elsewhere. Glad you got it sorted.
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    Sailing Anarchy is Off Course

    As if this place ever had, or could hold, a course!
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    This is why we can't have nice things....

    Fuck you!!  :D :D
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    Bending HDPE sheet

    Have you considered fabric? I wold bet the reference below could readily be modified to just hold the winch handle.
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    Fix / replace combined deck light and engine light

    I assumed the OP's engine was mounted on deck at the base of the mast and the drive shaft routing was a thing to make Rube Goldberg proud </sarcasm>
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    Sailing shoes that don't suck?