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    6th annual Spike Sail in

    Hey, I'm thinking it's time to talk about a date for the 6th annual Spike Memorial Sail in. I'm thinking June 24th. How does that sound? Great rendezvous last year. T
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    5th Annual Spike Memorial Sail In

    How does June 25th sound for this years Spike Sail In? T
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    4th annual Spike Memorial Sail in

    I think it's time to plan for the 4th annual sometime, around mid June. 13th, 20th, 27th? What do you guys think? T
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    3rd Annual Spike Memorial Sailby

    Just thought I'd let you all know that the 3rd Annual Spike Memorial Sailby will be on June 21st this year. If you were there last year we hope to see you this year! I challenged Kim to a race to the shack. I think if he gives me a couple hours that ought to be fair. Or maybe if he leaves his...
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    Americas Cup

    C'mon you old cruisers. This is some exciting shit. Hope they race again tomorrow.
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    2nd Annual Spike Memorial Sail by/CA gathering

    I think it's time to start thinking about the Sailby/Gathering again so let's get our Spike burgees ready for the sail up to the Maestro's. I'm thinking June 15th since it's the same weekend as last year but depending on what others have going on that could be changed. I'd love to see everyone...
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    I need a new drug

    I can't help myself. I gotta have another boat! Ever since I took my old Garden yawl out of the water I've had a few other boats just to play with while I work on the yawl. Doesn't make the work on the yawl go any faster but it has been a good education, just to experience sailing different...
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    What's up with that?

    I've been sizing wire for my new mast on my Garden yawl. Got it all figured out per Skene's but then when I look around on the web a bit I see values substantially lower than what Skene's gives. For instance 1/4 " wire per Skene's is 8200# but only 6900# per Worst Marine and a few others...
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    A cool fix

    First of all here's what happened yesterday. I thought the stainless clew ring was just showing some surface corrosion. Wrong! The soft shackle held but the stainless which had been in contact with the carbon in the sail blew out. Kinda ruined my race. So I'm thinking there goes $150 or so and...
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    Low stretch halyards?

    I was thinking it might be a good idea to replace my old rope to wire type halyards with all rope. I discovered that since getting a new/used tape drive sail that the 12 feet or so of double braid from the mast back to the cockpit stretches a surprising amount. So I'm thinking maybe some XLS...
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    Spike Perry Memorial sail by/race

    I just thought I'd throw this out there and see what people thought. I'm thinking it would be fun to have a sail by or race using Bob's mooring ball as a course mark. I'm thinking we fly Spike burgees and/or wear HTFU t-shirts. Salute the Maestro appropriately at the mark. No touching...
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    One of Bob's GOB's

    Just noticed in the November UK sails newsletter that a Mirage 33 won the 2011Chi -Mac and back singlehanded race. Pretty good little read even for cruisers.(prep is a big deal).The guy sounds like a hell of a sailor still the boat has to be up to the task, so, Kudos Bob. If some smart fellow...
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    Boom envy

    All those boats out there sailing around with their nice long booms and me with my skinny IOR main, 34' X 9.17'. You gotta admit that's a skinny bitch of a mainsail. I read a thread on another website regarding a Peterson 34 where the poster was saying that the key to getting the boat sailing...
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    Tape Drive or North Tri? What's a poor boy to do?

    I know this is CA but we're talking GOB's and club/beer can racing too right? I've done remarkably well in our local club races with my old pinched fanny US 30 but it's becoming apparent that the old crosscut dacron genoa of unknown age is a limiting factor. I see a couple of sails on the used...
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    rudders, straightedged or curved

    I just popped the rudder off my old Garden yawl last night and I want to improve it. Much as I appreciate the last guy that rebuilt it, as it kept the boat going for another thirty years or so, it wasn't very sleek. it had a trailing edge about 1 3/4 wide and square. I improved it a bit but it...
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    Garden Yawl

    Here ya go Bob! My Garden yawl. Won the race too!